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If you are considering renting a villa in France for your holiday, you will need to think about the following points when deciding which villa to rent.

In France there are many types and styles of villas available, and regional architectural styles can have an effect on what sort of villas are to be had in your chosen area. You could rent a detached (indépendante) villa, with its own gardens and possibly, although more likely in the hotter southern regions, its own swimming pool (piscine). There are also semi detached or terraced (mitoyenne) villas on the market. This sort of villa will no doubt have gardens and a swimming pool as well, but you may find yourself sharing these facilities with the neighbouring villas. Sharing a pool has its advantages and disadvantages: you might meet some good people, locals or other holiday makers, but then again, you might find the opposite is true. The choice is yours.

Holiday villas in France come in different shapes and sizes, so you will find yourself with a wide range to choose from. Firstly, decide how many bedrooms (chambres) you and your family need. There is usually a master bedroom with a double bed, and then additional rooms will either have twin single beds or double beds in them. The number of people that the villa can accommodate (capacité d'accueil) does not always depend on the number of bedrooms. Some villas have sofa beds in the lounge area, and so can sleep an extra couple of people. In general, French holiday villas can sleep anything from two to sixteen people.

You may have a strict budget for your holiday, and renting a villa in France is a good way of cutting the cost of a holiday because you are free from the extortionate costs of hotels. You can cook your own meals, which is always cheaper than going out to a restaurant every night. The prices of holiday villas vary according to the region the very popular areas of Brittany and the Côte d'Azur will be more expensive than, say, a remote part of Limousin and also the season. May and September usually have similar rates, June is a little more expensive, and July and August are the peak times when rates are at their highest. You may also find that the villa is unavailable (indisponible) for a couple of weeks in July or August because that is when the people who own it are taking their holidays there. Prices are generally quoted per week. Do check what comes included in the price, as sometimes the electricity and water are included (charges comprises) and sometimes they are not, in which case you may need to monitor how much of each utility is used.