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Many club golfers go through a lifetime of golf on their local courses having never experienced a golf holiday abroad.

Playing golf in another country is very different and very special. The weather is often much warmer and the courses are often in better condition as a direct consequence of the hotter climate. The slightly different make up of the courses is an intriguing challenge to come up against, and the chance to play a round with fellow club golfers from all over the world is one that should not be passed up.

As travelling around the globe becomes easier, quicker and less expensive than in years gone by, more and more people are venturing out of their comfort zones to take in some of Europe's and indeed the world's finest golf courses.

The most popular destinations UK golfers have visited for many years have been the courses around Spain's Costa del Sol and the Algarve in Portugal, but many new destinations such as France, Cyprus and even Thailand are gaining reputations as golfing havens not to be missed.

As more and more players take up the game throughout the world, more and more courses are built and so the competition to attract both local members and holidaymakers becomes more competitive. This competition pushes up both the quality of the courses and the value for money that they offer.

If you are worried about travelling abroad with your golf clubs or are not sure about where to go, 'Touch Down, Tee Off' provides answers to all these questions. We truly believe that the experience of playing golf abroad is so good that we are desperate that people, whatever their age, ability or gender, do not miss out.

Your chance to play the greatest game in the world, without having to worry about the weather, the state of the course or the hospitality of the local clubhouse is here; we encourage you not to pass it up!