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How to save money with on a cheap golf holiday. We are all looking to get the best possible value for money from our golf holiday. aims to help you get a cheap golf holiday without having to compromise on the quality of your stay.

The best way to save money on the actual cost of the holiday is to avoid a package deal that has been set up for you by a tour operator. This is the most hassle free way to arrange your break but the additional convenience does not always justify the added cost. Therefore try to organise your break yourself this will work out much cheaper in the long run.

We also recommend avoiding catered and centrally located hotels and apartments. Similarly they often charge more than is strictly necessary.

Our advice is as follows:

1) Book your flights online through a low budget airline such as easyJeteasyJet or bmibabybmibaby and flybeflybe.

2) Hire your car online before you go and make sure you shop around on the internet to get the best possible deal.

3) Book your tee time directly with the courses before you leave.

4) Use the many online services to hire a holiday home for the size of the group; this need not necessarily be in the prime location (ie on the beach/near the golf courses) but as you will need a car to transport your clubs from the airport, additional journeys to and from the courses will be no problem. In the evening taxis are very low cost in nearly all resorts so travel costs to and from restaurants, bars and nightclubs will be minimal. Holiday homes nearly always provide full kitchen facilities as well, so eating in will save even more of your money!!

5) Check with your flight provider about the weight limit on sports equipment. The biggest disaster facing you as a budget traveller is if your luggage and golf clubs are in excess of the allowance and you are forced to leave some behind or pay an expensive premium for additional luggage. This is very expensive.

6) Play golf on weekdays. This will save you money as green fees are often more expensive than at the weekend when clubs ask you to pay for the privilege of ousting local members from their usual Saturday or Sunday game.

7) Take some water with you onto the course. Don't get caught short in the hot weather without some bottled water. If you do the professional's assistant will come round on a buggy trying to sell drinks at about 10 times the supermarket price. Over 3 or 4 rounds this alone can save a group of 4 up to £50!

Some of these tips will save you more money than others, but when you combine them all you will find you can save as much as 50% on your overall financial outlay.