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Travelling can be a nightmare at the best of times, but trying to do it with a golf bag, 14 clubs and 30 golf balls can be even harder.

By adhering to the following golf travel tips we can help make your journey as smooth and problem free as possible.

Unless you feel very strongly that you need your entire repertoire of clubs, we recommend that you take only half a set with you on your holiday. This has many benefits; carrying the clubs around the airport, weight allowance on the plane, more room in the car and a lighter bag out on the course which will be especially beneficial if you are going somewhere hot.

Invest in a good carry case. Good quality golf bag travel cases can be found for less that the price couple of golf gloves. This case will provide you with wheels to help transport your clubs and more importantly with some protection for your clubs in light of the treatment they might receive from airport baggage handlers!

Make sure your travel insurance includes golf holiday cover. Be aware that standard travel insurance may not cover you for any loss or damage to your clubs in transit or for any injuries sustained while playing a round.

When travelling by car, don't assume the cheapest vehicle will suffice for 4 people and their clubs. A good sized estate car should provide enough room for 4 people and 4 sets of clubs to move comfortably from the airport and back as well as to and from golf courses.

Think about evening activities as well as your golf. Don't book all your tee times at 8am! Nightlife often goes on later on the continent and in many holiday resorts it does not even get going until after midnight! Golf is not so enjoyable after just 3 or 4 hours sleep.

Take a handicap certificate. Most courses will demand to see a handicap certificate in order to allow you to play. These are available at no cost from you club handicap secretary or professional.

Take your golf shoes. Although it may be tempting to save on luggage by playing in trainers, especially on the hard ground on the continent, most clubs will not allow you to play in anything other than recognised golf shoes.

Its always very exciting preparing for any holiday and a golfing holiday is certainly no exception. But do think carefully about all the above to ensure your holiday is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.