Grand Canyon Rafting, Colorado River, Dories and Kayaking

Grand Canyon Rafting: what’s available?

What better way to experience the inner canyon up close than with a Grand Canyon rafting trip? Tackling the challenging whitewater of the Colorado River is one of the most popular activities for visitors to the canyon. Those interested in leaving solid ground far beyond will find plenty of options that will have you suited up and hitting the water in no time.

Rafting the Colorado River

Home to 49 of the nation’s most exciting whitewater runs, the experience is like none other until you are sitting in an inflatable boat powered by oars. If you have a bit of time on your hands, try rafting the entire 227 mile river. Duration: between 14 and 16 days. Half river trips last between five and nine. There are also daytrips and half day trips available. These rafting companies offer a number of different options:

OARS lists rates and requirements on their Web site at Call them at (800) 346 6277 to book a trip.

The Grand Canyon Expeditions Company can be contacted at (800) 544 2691.

Grand Canyon Dories

If you prefer to stay dry and take in the scenery at a more leisurely pace; book a seat on Dory. Instead of large, inflatable rafts, participants sit in open boats called ‘dories’ that seat between three to five people. In fact, when the first explorer to run the river, a one armed man named John Wesley Powell, did so in 1869, he completed his journey in a larger version of the dories used today. If you’re interested in a dory rafting trip, you might want to contact these companies:

Grand Canyon Dories offers seven to 14 day trips through the canyon. Visit them at or call (800) 877 3679.

Grand Canyon Expeditions offers dory trips; check their Web site at or call (800) 544 2691 for more information. 

For true adrenalin buffs, kayaking can be even more adventurous than Grand Canyon rafting. Not only are you the individual pitted against the raging waters of the Colorado River, but you’re doing it alone. It is recommended that only experienced kayakers try to run the river; this is due to the water’s unpredictable currents and freezing temperatures. Individual and group kayakers currently face a 20 year waiting list for a permit to kayak in the river, so your best option is to sign up with one of these Grand Canyon rafting and kayaking companies:

Arizona River Runners outfits kayakers with guides, kayaks, camping equipment and food for the designated trip. Call them at (800) 477 7238 or (602) 867 4866.

Grand Canyon Discovery posts their information on; call them at (800) 786 7238.