Grand Canyon River Rafting trips and tours

Embarking on a Grand Canyon river rafting trip is one of the most intimate ways to experience the canyon. Not only is the power of the Colorado River inspiring in itself, but from the water you can view the canyon in a manner that is barely believable when you’re standing on the bank.

Blending spots of quiet water with 49 of the country’s most impressive whitewater runs, the Colorado River is beautiful yet challenging. Because of this, Grand Canyon river rafting trips are one of the most popular activities for visitors, making it necessary to book all reservations well in advance. Tours are undertaken in rubber rafts that each hold four to seven people. A well trained and experienced guide leads the party as well as steers the raft along with wooden hand oars. It’s a great accomplishment to raft all of the canyon’s 227 miles of Colorado River though such a trip typically takes between 14 and 16 days.

These long trips involve nightly stops for camping along the river’s banks as your guide prepares the evening meal. Several rafts will travel together with an empty boat or two designated for carrying food, water, tents and other provisions. Participants not only get to experience the river, but they are also allowed to spend a short time hiking into and exploring the area around the banks.

If two week Grand Canyon river rafting trips are too long for you, half river trips take between five and nine days to complete. Most participants tend to hike in or out of the canyon in order to raft half the river. If you’re still interested in the river’s full length, some companies will offer trips in motorized rafts that only take about seven days to complete.

Companies offering Grand Canyon river rafting trips include:

Colorado River tours:

Arizona Raft Adventures is based in Flagstaff, AZ. Call them at (800) 654 0723 for more information.

Canyon Explorations, also in Flagstaff, has rates on their site at

The Utah based Hatch River Expeditions offers motorized rafting trips. Visit them at

One day river rafting trips: 

Hualapai River Runners handles the west end of the canyon and their trips begin 160 miles from the South Rim in Peach Springs, AZ. Call (800) 622 4409 for rates.

Half day trips:

Wilderness River Adventures provides trips that run from Glen Canyon Dam to Lees Ferry. Call (800) 528 6154 for more information.