Grand Canyon Tours… the adventure awaits

There are more Grand Canyon tours on offer than the typical river rafting and mule rides that visitors typically sign up for. If you’re focused on a need for speed, why not look into a Jeep and SUV tour? Off roading fanatics can find ATV and Hummer expeditions; after all, what better way is there to experience the adventure of the canyon than by getting off the beaten path?

Jeep and SUV tours are some of the most popular Grand Canyon tours available, bringing guests away from typically crowded tourist spots to let them experience different areas of the canyon. A wide array of tour options allow guests to pick and choose what they want; try a tour across the canyon’s unpopulated West Rim, home to the native Hualapai people. Include a trip through the Joshua Forest or to the Hoover Dam; other tours visit the site of ancient Native American cave paintings and the cliff dwellings in Kaibab National Forest.

Tickets commonly range from $35.00 to $200.00, depending on duration, tour and any extras such as an included lunch. Some companies to consider: Grand Canyon Jeep Tours and the Grand Canyon Tour Company.

Hummers provide great off road Grand Canyon tours; these popular vehicles can climb a 60 percent grade and drive along a 40 percent side slope, fit up to a dozen passengers and tackle terrain unconquerable in other sports utility vehicles.

Tickets vary according to tour company, package and any additional perks such as lunch. and Las Vegas Grand Canyon Tours ( offers an eight hour trip for $179 per person including lunch and stops at the Hoover Dam, Joshua Forest and Coconono Plateau.

ATV tours let you ride and control your own quad bike through the deserts and canyons surrounding the Grand Canyon, affording an experience unlike any other. Drive right up to the edge of the Grand Canyon’s North Rim or journey through the Valley of Fire or Kaibab National Forest. Guided tours are available with or without included transportation. offers tickets for an eight hour tour for $220.00, including airplane transfer from Las Vegas, equipment rental and lunch. Grand Canyon ATV Adventures (based on the South Rim) has 1.5 hour tours for $85.00 per adult and $42.50 per child and includes a narrated headset tour. Visit them at www.canyon

Can’t make up your mind? Take advantage of all these Grand Canyon tours by signing up for a multi vehicle tour of the canyon.

These tours typically transport guests to the canyon via a Jeep/SUV or small airplane. Guests then board a helicopter on the canyon rim to descend 4,000 feet into the canyon where they embark on a short pontoon boat ride down the Colorado River. After boarding the helicopter once again to return to the rim guests are transported back to their original starting point.

Tickets range around $300 for these multi vehicle tours, depending on length of tour and included extras. sells tickets for $299 per person for a 5.5 hour tour; the Grand Canyon Tour Company has an eight hour trip for $318.00 per person.