Unforgettable Grand Canyon Weddings

Although Las Vegas might be the popular choice for quick, inexpensive weddings, a ceremony on the Grand Canyon can be a spectacular experience especially as no two Grand Canyon weddings are the same. Approximately 130 couples get married at the canyon every year, making each wedding an intimate and unique affair. Grand Canyon weddings can be tailored to fit the desires of the couple; some choose to get married on the canyon floor, reciting their vows next to the rushing Colorado River. Others prefer to enjoy the majesty of the gorge from its rim, thousands of feet above sea level. Wedding ceremonies can even take place in the air above the canyon in a helicopter.

You can plan a small, quick outdoor affair or rent out a hotel to host a large upscale experience. Grand Canyon weddings held in the morning coincide with the sunrise while those in the evening enjoy the priceless backdrop of a desert sunset.

Grand Canyon Wedding Locations...

On the Canyon Rim

If you plan to get married at the Grand Canyon, there are a number of available options. The most common place to marry is Shoshone Point on the South Rim. A mile east of Yaki Point on East Rim Drive, Shoshone Point is open year round and can be reserved in advance. Simple and outdoorsy, the site includes a couple of picnic tables and a ring for a campfire. Contact the National Park Service at (520) 638 7888 for more information.

Weddings at the bottom of the Grand Canyon

However, those in search of a more exciting event may be interested in marrying at the bottom of the gorge. If this is what you choose, here’s what to expect:

A Las Vegas based helicopter company will transport and escort you through the process of marrying in the canyon. The event typically begins when the helicopter company picks up you and your betrothed in a limousine. The company drives you to where the helicopter is waiting. After a short flight to the edge of the canyon you will descend 4,000 miles into the canyon, passing amazing geological patterns and rocks that are over 2,000 million years old.

The ceremony will take place next to the river and after a cake and champagne toast the wedding party will again board the helicopter and leave the canyon. At this point you may have the option to tour the famous Las Vegas Strip. Wedding trips to the floor of the canyon typically last around four hours and cost between $1,500 and $2,500 for four passengers and one minister. Additional guests can cost around $300 each.

Getting married above the Grand Canyon

Marrying in the air above the canyon is a similar experience, except vows are repeated while hovering thousands of feet above canyon and Earth. These events can include a tour of the Las Vegas Strip either at night or during the day. At night the lights of Vegas are on, adding that extra bit of magic to your Grand Canyon wedding.