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If you're one of those restless types that need more than a lazy day on the beach and a leisurely meal in a seaside taverna you'll find plenty to occupy your days on Amorgos. The island is awash with ancient paths, historic sites, monasteries, Byzantine churches and hidden coves. Take the time to uncover the island's many treasures and you'll understand why great film makers and poets have drawn their inspiration from Amorgos.

You'll arrive by ferry at one of the island's two ports the main ferry port of Katapola or the more tourist orientated resort of Aegiali. Your holiday accommodation is likely to be in one or the other of these ports.

Wherever you're based you must take the time to visit the island's capital, Hora, six kilometres north east of Katapola. It's one of the best preserved medieval towns in the whole of the Cyclades a delightful concoction of windmills, whitewashed houses and narrow, winding alleyways originally designed to confuse the pirates who once plagued these islands.

Hora boasts some fine tavernas offering good quality Greek fare at reasonable prices. The town is capped by a 13th century Venetian fortress and there are numerous Byzantine churches including the smallest church in Greece, Agios Fanourios, which can only accommodate three worshippers at a time.

For those interested in the island's colourful past there's the archaeological museum housed in an 18th century mansion. The museum contains some interesting pieces excavated on the island including remnants of the Minoan civilisation which existed here more than 4,000 years ago.

You can visit the site of the ancient city of Minoa, reputedly the summer residence of King Minos of Crete, by taking the track which leads south from Katapola to the top of a hill where you'll be rewarded with wonderful views of the island but little evidence of this once great kingdom. The ruins include some Cyclopean walls, the remains of a gymnasium and the foundations of a temple dedicated to Apollo.

The island's star attraction is the extraordinary Hozoviotissis Monastery built into the sheer face of the cliff on the east coast of the island. The 11th century monastery is one of the most spectacular sights in Greece take the trouble to climb its 350 steps and you may be rewarded with a guided tour by one of the monks. Visitors are sometimes served a glass of raki and loukoumi (a Greek sweet Symilar to Turkish delight). It's advisable to dress modestly to avoid causing offence and a donation is welcomed.

There are some lovely walks along the paths and mule trails which pepper the island. From the picturesque port of Aegiali take the path up to the hill village of Tholaria, named after the vaulted Roman tholos tombs discovered here, and loop back via Langada which is one of the prettiest villages on the island.