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Ikaria's bus service is infrequent and erratic so you might prefer to hire a car or motorbike to explore the island. But be warned that the road connecting the north and south coasts is contorted by a nerve wracking series of hairpin bends so car hire here is not for the faint hearted. There are car and motorbike hire firms in the capital Ayios Kirykos but you can usually get a better deal in the main resort area of Armenistis, the island's main beach resort on the north coast.

With the benefit of your own set of wheels you'll be able to head along the coast road a short distance north east or south west of the capital to the therapeutic radioactive springs at Therma and Therma Lefkadhos. Continuing on the road north east from Therma you'll come to one of the island's best beaches, Agios Giorgios between the village of Fanari (also called Faro) and the airport.

The hazardous, mountain road leading north west out of Agios Kirykos takes you through some dramatic scenery with views from the eastern end of the ridge towards the islands of Samos and Patmos and the nearby Fourni archipelago.

The roads descends to the uninspiring port of Karavostamo and from there you pass a series of beaches before arriving at the island's second port of Evdilos.

If you follow the road south out of Evdilos after 15 kilometres you'll come to the 10th century Byzantine castle of Koskina perched on a hilltop at the end of a marked sidetrack.

The road west of Evdilos leads to the unspoilt village of Kambos built over the island's ancient capital of Oinoe. Finds from the ancient settlement, including Neolithic tools, vases and figurines, are on display in the village's small museum. Just below the museum is the island's oldest church, 12th century Ayia Irini where you can see columns from the original 4th century Byzantine basilica in the grounds.

Continuing west along the coast road from Kambos you'll come to the island's main seaside resort of Armenistis which has two large beaches in a spectacular setting. On a clear day you can see 1,437 metre Mount Kerkis on Samos. Just over three kilometres further west lies the hippy and naturist haunt of Nas, a beautiful sand and pebble beach at the mouth of a river canyon. The remains of a 5th century Temple of Artemis lie behind the beach. A 30 minute walk inland along the river takes you to a waterfall where you can cool off with a refreshing swim.

From Armenistis you can head inland to the idiosyncratic hillside towns of the Rahes district where the villagers live in odd looking pirate proof homes and keep peculiar hours, sleeping for much of the day and shopping and socialising until 3am or later.