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Ikaria Night Life Greece Ikaria

Ikaria Night Life Greece Greek Nightlife

Ikaria is not the wildest party island in the Aegean but there are plenty of good restaurants and late night music bars in the two main port towns and the beach resort of Armenistis. Don't miss the chance to join in a traditional Ikarian knees up because the island is famous throughout the Aegean for its lively summer festivals in honour of various patron saints. Hardened round the clock clubbers will be better off on neighbouring Mykonos where hordes of gays and hedonistic heteros party the nights away in the island's glitzy discos.

The capital Agios Kirykos has plenty of bars, tavernas, ouzeris and kafeneia to choose from. One of the best places for fresh fish is Dedalos on the main square where you can watch the boats go by from your waterside table while you quaff some of the excellent draught wine. Ikaria was the legendary birthplace of Dionysos, the god of wine and fruitfulness, so sampling the local brew is a must. For delicious pizzas cooked in a wood fired oven and top notch Greek fare try the Filoti Pizzeria at the top of the cobbled lane leading up from the local butcher's.

The town has a summer cinema showing newly released films in their original language. And for late night action there are a number of clubs along the cliff road leading west out of town. Camelot has an upstairs bar, downstairs dance floor and a terrace overlooking the sea. Local youngsters flock here long after midnight and party till the small hours.

The waterfront of the north coast port of Evdilos is lively on summer evenings and there's a good selection of watering holes and traditional eateries. The main harbourfront square is full of tavernas and kafeneia including the excellent Cuckoo's Nest ouzeri which serves up delectable and unusual dishes, mouthwatering mezedes and Ikarian wine. One of the best restaurants in the area is To Inomayerio tis Popis at the tiny hamlet of Fytema one kilometre west of Evdilos. It's reasonably priced and offers plenty of vegetarian options and the local wine.

There are several music bars at the main beach of Armenistis, including some which have live Greek gigs on summer nights.

Ask a friendly local or at one of the travel agencies in Agios Kirykos or Evdilos for details of the "panigiria" religious festivals that take place in villages all over the island from May to October. Don't be put off by the religious aspect because although the celebrations are in honour of each village's patron saint they generally involve night long partying with traditional music, dancing and feasting. If you're visiting the island in the first week of August you'll be able to catch the panigiria in the delightful hill town of Khristos Rahes. All night revelry is no challenge for this nocturnal village where the locals do most of their shopping and socialising until long after midnight all year round.

You might want to spend a night or two on the nearby satellite island of Fourni which has some wonderful waterfront fish restaurants and a surprisingly lively night scene offered by several music bars and clubs which buzz almost till dawn. You can take a boat from Agios Kirykos and bed down for the night in one of several rooms for rent in the port.