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Ios Night Life Greece Greek Nightlife

Ios is one of the wildest party spots in the Greek islands. It's a magnet for summer hordes of teens and 20 somethings hell bent on outdoing each other in the nightly outlandish behaviour and inebriation contests. If you're not one of them, you should seriously consider choosing another island. That said, some recent bad publicity about the antics of drunken foreigners and efforts by the local authorities to broaden the range of holidaymakers who head for Ios mean it's possible to find an alternative and altogether less frantic nightlife scene here.

The main square of Hora is the main focus of the late night party scene the square itself and streets leading off it are chock a block with bars and discos offering every kind of cocktail, music and entertainment imaginable. If you get hopelessly lost in the side streets on your way there worry not because the whole of the town centre is one giant outdoor party after dark.

The infamous Slammer Bar on the square is a good starting point for would be drunken revellers who don helmets and invite the bartender to whack them on the head with a hammer while they down a lethal Tequila Slammer cocktail (tequila, Tia Maria and sprite). Once would be enough you might think but kamikaze contestants have boasted of downing close to 20 slammers in one evening. This gives you a flavour of Ios by night.

The Red Bull Bar in the square and the Dubliner Irish Bar are among the most popular places to "warm up" before the clubs get going. You'll find more kamikaze drinking games at the Dubliner including the coma inducing "100 shots in 100 minutes without leaving your seat" competition (we have to stress that we don't recommend it!).

Kahlua in the main square, which prides itself on inventing the Tequila Slammer, specialises in "any music which gets girls dancing on the bar".

Some of the biggest dance spots are on the edge of town on the road to Mylopotas Beach. Scorpion is the biggest and best known of the island's night clubs, providing spectacular laser shows and a variety of dance music including hip hop, progressive and trance.

Mojo's is a huge outdoor club bringing top name DJs from as far afield as Moscow, Amsterdam and the UK.

Believe it or not, you can still enjoy an alternative evening of traditional Greek music and dancing at one of several local venues or during the regular religious festivals which take place throughout the island all year round.

Cavo's, opposite Scorpion, is one of the best places for a Greek night out it's open every night from 11pm and provides a range of traditional and modern Greek music. You'll also find Greek music at Fantastico, by Hora bus station, and at the Marina Bar overlooking Gialos Beach.

Each one of the island's 360 chapels hosts an annual feast in honour of its particular saint and if you're lucky enough to be around at the time you'll be able to join in the festivities which normally include plentiful free wine, meat cooked over a wood fire and all night dancing. Check with a local travel agent for details. Also ask for a programme of events for the outdoor theatre festival which takes place above the windmills every summer.