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Kythnos is a small island with a limited road network but you may wish to hire a car or motorbike for a day or two to explore its villages and beaches, especially if you're not a keen walker. Regular buses connect the port of Merihas with the capital Hora, the inland town of Dryopida and the east coast resort of Kanala. Services to Loutra in the north, where the famous thermal springs are located, are less frequent and there are no buses at all to some of the island's best beaches.

Only a small number of private taxis operate on the island and you might find their owners difficult to contact during siesta time. If you decide to hire a car or moped, pop along to Milos Express (past the ferry dock heading into town and up a flight of steps on the left) or Antonios Larentzakis Travel Agency (up the steps near the Ostria fish taverna).

If you go for a moped check in advance that your travel insurance covers you for motorbike accidents before you take to the island's rough tracks because many policies don't. And remember that wearing a helmet is compulsory in Greece if you're riding anything over 49 cc although you wouldn't think so to look at many of the locals. In any event, it's a sensible precaution because there have been numerous cases of inexperienced foreigners ending up in hospital after coming a cropper on the hazardous roads of the Greek islands.

With your own set of wheels you'll be able to visit the far flung corners of the island at leisure including Loutra, 11 kilometres north east of Merihas port, which is the main attraction for many visitors to Kythnos. The resort's radioactive thermal springs have long attracted those seeking a cure for everything from rheumatism and arthritis to heart and gynaecological problems.

The mineral rich waters can reach temperatures of 52C, producing steam from the cool waters of the Aegean Sea. For a few Euros you can have a health check and have a 20 minute soak at the state run Xenia baths complex.

Spend some time exploring the island's capital Hora (also know as Messaria), six kilometres north east of the port, where you'll find a typical Cycladic village with some beautiful Byzantine churches, twisting narrow streets dotted with whitewashed houses and a sprinkling of cafes and tavernas where you're likely to be the only foreign visitor. The town's stone pavements and patios are adorned with lime painted folklore motifs of flowers, fish and sail boats courtesy of local artists.

The ancient capital of Dryopida in the centre of the island is well worth visiting a picturesque town with windmills and pretty homes crowned with Tuscan style red tiled roofs. The town straddles a ravine and has been built around the famous cave of Katafiki which has some beautiful stalactites. The cave was once used as a hiding place by the islanders when they were under threat of attack by pirates and the various other invaders who have fought over these islands for centuries.

With the benefit of a rental car or moped you'll be able to visit the lovely beach at Kanala on the east coast, the double bay of Agio Dimitriou in the south west and the tree lined beach of Apokroussi west of Hora. From Apokroussi it's an easy walk west along the coast to one of the island's finest beaches the Kolona sand spit which connects the islet of Agio Loukas with the main island.