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The Glorious Foods of Greece: Traditional Recipes from Islands, Cities and Villages Diane Kochilas Publisher: Morrow Cookbooks

American Dian Kochilas spent ten years investigating the ins and outs of Greek food, visiting coasts, mountains and everywhere in between. This book details Greek food by its unique regional cuisine, observations broken up by recipes ranging from mezze and soups to main dishes and sweets – over 400 recipes.

Greece from the Air – Yann Arthus Bertrand
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams, 1997

See this beautiful country from a perspective that’s not often viewed – the air. A unique outlook at Greece through sumptuous photography means these 102 photographs are a real pleasure to look at. There’s text and a little bit of history on each location accompanying the photos, which are perfect to inspire you into your next Greek holiday or as a coffee table book.

The Summer of My Greek Taverna: A Memoir – Tom Stone

New York writer Tom Stone travelled to Greece for a holiday, not planning to meet and marry his wife and stay to begin a new life in the Greek islands. A few years and two kids later Stone gets the opportunity to manage a taverna for the summer of Patmos, the island where he and his wife fell in love and the one time home of St. John. He’s cooking for a living in the height of the tourist season and encountering a rocky relationship with the taverna’s owner. The book is part travelogue, part memoir, and part cookbook with recipes included.

Greece : A Traveller’s Literary Companion – Artemis Leontis (Editor) Publisher: Whereabouts Press, 1997

This book boasts 24 pieces of writing by some of the best modern Greek writers, waxing lyrical about the country of their birth. Stories are arranged by geographical setting, incorporating elements of Greek history and mythology into twentieth century tales. Author biographies are included at the end of the book.

Strolling through Athens: Fourteen Unforgettable Walks through Europe’s Oldest City – John Freely Publisher: Tauris Parke Paperbacks, 2004

Thousands of years ago Athens was the city of the gods and the birthplace of democracy. Today it’s a buzzing modern city built on ancient foundations. In his book John Freely focuses on a series of walks through the city’s busy, beautiful, and historically significant areas. Combining information on the ancient heart of this city with modern living, the book is ideal for visitors to Athens.

Online: Web Sites

Eat Greek TonightEat Greek Tonight

If you fell in love with the taste sensations of Greek food while you were on holiday then this is the site for you. It boasts a search engine where you can look for recipes by ingredients you already have at home, or search the more traditional way by appetisers, soups, salads, and desserts – but possibly not when you’re too hungry. You can also select recipes to be shown in either metric or imperial measurements.


This site’s colour scheme of turquoise and deep blue will even remind you of an island holiday. There are more than 1400 Greek islands scattered throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas, so it’s handy that there’s a site you can explore to plan your next holiday, or just daydream at the end of a keyboard. Search the site within the particular group of islands you’re keen on, where there is plenty of information on villages, nightlife, architecture and history of each isle. You’ll also find info on transportation, weather, ferry schedules and lots of gorgeous photos.

Greece 101Greece 101

Another one stop shop put together with tourists in mind. Here you can tackle anything from learning some useful Greek phrases to finding out what that tongue twister on the menu really is. And there are the practical basics, like finding somewhere to stay, getting around the place and what to do when you’re there. If you want to base your holiday around adventure you can find out the best places to kayak, trek and sail, as well as read articles written by Greek visitors for visitors and by books at the online travel shop.

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