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Car hire is not essential on Poros as you can get around the town easily enough on foot and buses and water taxis make regular trips to all the main places of interest. But if you do decide to rent a car for at least part of your stay here you'll be able to enjoy some fascinating excursions to historic sites in the eastern Peloponnese. The Greek mainland is only a five minute ferry hop from Poros Town the car ferries run every half hour from early morning till late at night in high season.

There are plenty of places in Poros Town where you can hire a moped or bicycle to explore the beaches and interior of Kalavria (the larger island connected to Poros Town by a road bridge over the canal). Strictly speaking you should have a special licence to ride a motorbike in Greece but most firms accept an EU or international driving licence as long as you've held it for a minimum of 12 months. You can hire a car in the mainland port of Galatas if you're planning to explore the many interesting sights to be found around this eastern arm of the Peloponnese.

With the freedom of your own set of wheels you'll be able to visit the numerous pretty pine fringed coves which are scattered along the south coast of Kalavria. If you follow the coast road to the south east after (turn right after crossing the bridge from Sferia) you'll come to the attractive 18th century Monastery of Zoodhou Pigis. Here you can fill up your water bottle from the "life giving fountain" after which the monastery is named. You'll be following in the footsteps of monks who have drunk from the spring since 200 BC.

From the monastery you can head inland along the road leading to the hill top ruins of the 6th century BC Temple of Poseidon. The ruins themselves aren't much to write home about but the views of the Saronic Gulf and the Peloponnese are spectacular. From here you can drive out to Vagionia Beach on the north coast of the island or do a loop back to Poros Town.

Cross over to Galatas to visit the celebrated Lemonodassos lemon grove where more than 30,000 lemon trees scent the air each spring. The grove is about three kilometres from the port. The ruins of a temple to Asclepius (the god of healing) at ancient Troizen eight kilometres west of Galatas make another popular day excursion. This was the birthplace of legendary Greek hero Theseus, one time king of Athens.

Take a longer drive out to elegant Nafplio, about 50 kilometres north west of Galatas it's one of the loveliest towns in the whole of Greece, awash with beautiful Venetian mansions and dominated by the might Palamidi fortress. To the north of Nafplio you can visit the impressive remains of ancient Mycenae, the most powerful kingdom in Greece from 1600 to 1200 BC.