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Samothraki can't claim to have the best beaches in the Aegean but the island does offer some wonderful opportunities to cool off in freshwater pools fed by cascading waterfalls. The north coast is peppered with pebble beaches and with your own transport you should have no trouble finding a secluded spot all to yourself, even in high season.

The best beaches are on the south coast and can be reached either by bus or caique from Kamariotissa. Pahia Ammos (which translates literally as "fat sand") is a superb 800 metre stretch of coarse sand, served by a seasonal taverna. On a clear day you can see the island of Imvros (Gokceada in Turkish) which was ceded to the Turks as part of the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne. Summertime caiques continue on to the next beach, palm fringed Vatos which is a popular spot for nudists.

You can also take a boat to the coastal waterfalls at Kremasta Nera and to Kipos Beach at the eastern end of the island. Kipos consists of black volcanic pebbles, lapped by deep, crystal clear water and backed by open pasture land. There's not much in the way of tourist facilities here except a beach bar which serves drinks in high season, showers and a natural spring. An overhanging rock at one end of the beach provides welcome shade from the searing midday sun. You can reach Kipos via the road skirting the north coast buses make the trip from Kamariotissa in the high season months of July and August though schedules tend to be unpredictable.

The best way to see the whole of Samothraki's coastline in on the regular round the island boat excursion from Kamariotissa.

Loutra (also known as Therma) has been the island's premier resort since Roman times due to its therapeutic, mineral rich thermal springs. You have three options for soaking in the sulphurous waters there's the main modern bath house where you pay for a dip in the 39C water, some free open air pools beneath wooden sunshades (water temperature around 34C) and a hot tub housed in a locked hut. You'll have to ask for the key from the warden of the main baths if you want to immerse yourself in the 48C water of the hot tub.

The rock pools and low waterfalls of Krya Vathra, 1.5 kilometres east of Loutra, are a popular spot for a cold water plunge. But one of the most appealing places to cool off on a hot summer's day lies along the Fonias River in the north east of the island. Follow the trail inland along the river, about 5 kilometres east of Loutra, until you reach a cluster of pools fed by a 12 metre waterfall. You can swim in the pools beneath the shade of the surrounding sycamore trees and watch the dragonflies flitting above the water.