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Sifnos is a small island and the best way to uncover its many treasures is on foot. Frequent buses connect the port of Kamares with the capital Apollonia and some services continue to the other main destinations on the island Kastro, Artemonas, Vathy, Faros and Platys Yialos. Taxis hover around the port and the main square in Apollonia and you can also hire a water taxi in Kamares to take you anywhere around the coast.

But you may want to hire a car or moped for at least a day or two so you can explore all the main places of interest at your leisure without having to don your hiking boots or worry about bus timetables.

Cars and mopeds are available for hire in both Kamares and Apollonia. If you're planning to hire a moped check that your travel insurance covers you for motorbike accidents before you take to the island's rough tracks because many policies don't. And remember that wearing a helmet is compulsory in Greece if you're riding anything over 49 cc although you wouldn't think so to look at many of the local motorcyclists. In any event, it's a sensible precaution because there have been numerous cases of inexperienced foreigners ending up in hospital after coming a cropper on the hazardous roads of the Greek islands.

With the benefit of your own set of wheels you'll be able to enjoy the bustling beach scene of Platys Yialos and visit the quieter fishing villas of Vathy on the other side of the island (a short drive by car but a walk of about an hour and a half). Vathy could only be accessed on foot or by boat until a road was built from Apollonia in 1997.

Spend some time exploring Apollonia's winding back streets filled with jewellery and pottery shops, flower bedecked balconies and excellent tavernas. Drive three kilometres east to the ancient capital Kastro where the backs of medieval houses form a seaward defence wall (originally designed to guard against the marauding pirates who once plagued these waters).

The village of Artemonas is a short drive north of Apollonia and has wonderful views, impressive Venetian mansions and the 17th century church of Agios Georgios which houses some fine religious icons. From here you can drive out to Heronissos an isolated hamlet at the north western tip of the island. Swim in the bay, maybe stop for lunch at one of the local tavernas and do a spot of souvenir shopping in the ceramic shops.

Drive south east of Apollonia to the small, friendly fishing hamlet at Faros where you'll find some good beaches and tavernas without hordes of summer tourists. Visit the Panagia Chrysopigi Monastery, perched on an islet south of Faros. Here you can dive off the point, swim in small rocky coves or sunbathe on the beautiful tree lined beach of Apokofto, just beyond the monastery.