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Sikinos is not a party island so if you're after techno, trance and table top dancing you'd better reconsider your choice of holiday destination. This is a place to just mellow out, sip an ouzo while you watch the sun go down and tuck into some traditional Greek fare before bed. You might get lucky and be treated to an impromptu performance of bouzouki music by one of the locals.that's about as wild as it gets on Sikinos.

You won't find the wealth of burgers bars and international restaurants which line the streets of the more popular resort islands but both the port of Alopronia and the twin villages of Hora / Kastro on the west side of the island have a small selection of tavernas serving basic but good quality local dishes. The bus service between the two continues until late evening.

Sample some of the local Sikinos wine in one of the café bars of Hora and Kastro or try a raki before dinner (the potent aniseed flavoured spirit popular throughout Greece though it originates from Turkey). Order a portion or two of the delicious mezedes appetisers the Greek equivalent of Spanish tapas. Tzatziki (yoghurt with cucumber and garlic), dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) and oktapodi (octopus) all make a delicious pre dinner snack mopped up with some locally baked bread. The Greeks have hearty appetites and regard mezedes as a starter or as a snack between meals but for foreign visitors a selection of four or five mezedes to share between a couple is often more than enough as a main meal.

Kastro and Platia are two decent café bars in the town or head for To Steki Tou Garbi which has excellent grilled meat dishes. Nextdoor Klimataria taverna also offers good quality traditional fare.

You'll find a wider choice of bars and restaurants down at the port which is the place to go for delicious seafood dishes prepared from the fresh catch of the day. Lobster, red snapper and flatfish are among the many varieties of fish and shellfish caught in local waters and grilled to perfection in the harbour front tavernas. If you're not a fish fan, try the stuffed oven baked lamb which is a local favourite. The kaparo salata salad and ambelofassoula bean dish are among other island specialties.

Loukas is one of the best places to eat in the port or try Meltemi Taverna where the locals tend to dine in the evening. Ostria, run by the owners of Hotel Kamares, is another good quality taverna.

The Rock Café, above the quay, is a relatively lively night spot, attracting a mixed crowd with a variety of music (not just rock as the name implies). Or head for Vegera music bar on the other side of the bay.

Ask a friendly local whether there are any traditional religious feasts taking place during your visit as this is a great way to party Greek style. As with other islands which have avoided mass tourism, Sikinos cherishes its time honoured customs and the islanders are normally only too happy for the few foreigners who come here to participate in the feasting and merrymaking which accompanies a saint's day or some other religious occasion.

If you're in the right place at the right time you may be able to enjoy some traditional Greek music and dancing, with the locals playing bouzoukis, violins, lutes and the local version of the Scottish bagpipes

But if it's all just too laid back for you here and you feel the urge to let your hair down one night head over to the neighbouring island of Ios, a 30 minute ferry ride away. You won't even need to book a hotel room for the night because this is one of the wildest party spots in the Aegean and the clubs don't close their doors until well after sun up.