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The nightlife of Skopelos is more low key than on neighbouring Skiathos but if you head for Skopelos Town when the sun goes down you'll find plenty of late night music bars and clubs to keep you occupied until the small hours, especially in July and August.

Start your evening with an aperitif at one of the many waterfront or hilltop bars which afford wonderful views of the harbour as the sun sets and the boat and harbour lights start to twinkle. The waterfront is chockfull of bars, street cafes and tavernas many of which have tables shaded by huge plane or mulberry trees. This is the perfect place to down a beer or sip an ouzo or two while you watch the passing Greeks on their evening " volta " (a leisurely stroll with no particular aim or destination in mind).

When it comes to dining there's a good selection of tavernas in town to suit all budgets. One of the most elegant and upmarket restaurants is the popular Perivoli Taverna, signposted to the north of Platanos Square. Innovative and mouthwatering international and Greek dishes are served at tables beneath a vine clad canopy in the restaurant's lovely candlelit garden. Reservations are essential because the place is always packed with locals and holidaymakers.

There are several good tavernas offering reasonably priced, decent quality Greek fare in and around Platanos Square (referred to locally as Souvlaki Square). One of the most popular is O Platanos where you can enjoy a selection of mezedes at a table beneath a giant plane tree. Seafood fans should make a beeline for Tarsanas, at the western end of the waterfront, where you can savour beautifully fresh fish caught only a few hours earlier.

After your dinner, take your pick of one of the many music bars along the waterfront and on and around Platanos Square. Platanos Jazz Bar, opposite the old quay, offers jazz, blues and Latin American music. Or try Ionos Blue Bar, in a back alley near Agios Nikolaos Church, where a huge range of beers, whiskies and cocktails are served to the strains of jazz, blues, soul and ethnic music.

Many tavernas organise Greek nights with traditional music and dancing (they don't throw plates around these days!) but for a truly Greek experience make the steep climb up to Ouzeri Anatoli where, if the owner's in the mood, you might be treated to an impromptu performance of bouzouki music and rembetika. Giorgios Xindaris is one of the last great exponents of rembetika the Greeks' answer to the American blues and is often accompanied by musician friends or one of his sons. You can't order a jug of wine here so be prepared to go with the flow and down the ouzo like "tsipouro" with the locals while tucking into an octopus salad.

If you're in the mood for dancing, you'll find a cluster of clubs in Doulidi, off Souvlaki Square, and at the western end of the waterfront.