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Thassos is one of the Greek North Eastern Aegean Islands located 10 kilometres south east of the Macedonian port of Kavala. It's the most northerly of all the Greek islands (except for its small satellite islet of Thasapoula) and has become a popular package holiday destination since the 1990s. Its wonderful mountain scenery, lushness and fine beaches attract a cosmopolitan collection of summer visitors Greeks from the mainland, tour groups from Britain and Germany and east Europeans who come by car from Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria.

There are several ferries a day to and from Kavala and the island's west coast port of Skala Prinos and frequent Flying Dolphins make the 45 minute journey between Kavala and the island capital Limenas on the east coast.

In Limenas (also known as Thassos Town) you can see plenty of evidence of the island's ancient history in the ruins of the once great city upon which the present town was built. Thassos has been continuously inhabited since the 7th century BC and was a mighty city state in ancient times thanks to a plentiful supply of valuable natural resources. Gold, ore, timber and marble were exported to Asia Minor, Egypt and Italy bringing huge wealth to the island.

There are extensive remains of Ancient Thassos in Limenas including the agora (once a bustling market place and centre of civic and business activity), the Hellenistic theatre and the acropolis where a temple dedicated to the god Apollo once stood. Treasures unearthed during the ongoing excavations have included a 6th century BC kouros (a larger than life statue of a nude male) and a marble head of the god Dionysos dating back to the 3rd century BC.

The island boasts literally hundreds of beaches including long sandy stretches well served with tourist facilities and secluded spots where you can escape the madding crowds (on foot, by moped or in a water taxi). All the most popular beach resorts have plenty of hotels, self catering accommodation, bars, tavernas and watersports.

The forested interior is a hikers' paradise with mountain trails leading through some extraordinarily beautiful natural landscapes adorned with no fewer than 1,250 varieties of wildflowers. You may see the migratory bee keepers who travel Greece with their bee hives, settling for periods on Thassos when the appropriate flowers are in bloom. Visit a local store in one of the island's many delightful hill villages and you'll find one 101 things you never thought of doing with honey! The shelves may be stocked with honey and walnut liqueur, prunes in honey, courgettes in honey.

The best way to get the most out of the island is by hiring a car or moped as the entire coastline is skirted by a road which can be negotiated comfortably within a day. Other roads branch off into picturesque mountain settlements where life hardly seems to have changed for centuries despite the best efforts of the tour operators.