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Tilos is a place to relax and unwind. Come here to while away the hours on an uncrowded beach or in a traditional taverna mercifully free of package holiday hordes. Roam the hillsides and uncover the island's castles, medieval monasteries and ancient sites. Enjoy the island's unspoilt countryside with fertile valleys and hilltops offering spectacular views as far afield as Rhodes and Turkey.

You'll arrive at the port town of Livadia which has most of the island's tourist facilities including two travel agencies and plenty of rooms to let. The town is a good starting point for some lovely walks including the one hour hike to the secluded pebble beach of Stavros on the south coast. It's one of the easiest walks on the island along a well marked trail starting near the Tilos Mare Hotel and you can reward yourself with a swim when you arrive at your destination.

Tholos is another pretty cove, south east along the coast from Stavros. The trail starts from the cemetery and Agios Pandelimon basilica (which is worth popping into because it has an attractive Byzantine courtyard and mosaic floor). Or walk for about an hour west of Livadia to the ghost village of Mikro Horio which once had 1,200 inhabitants but was abandoned in the 1950s when the villagers migrated to the port. Now there's only a church which hosts a festival in mid August and a house which has been transformed into a late night music bar.

Megalo Horio, eight kilometres north west of Livadia, is the island's capital a pretty whitewashed village overlooked by the huge Castle of the Knights of St John. You can visit the castle via a 40 minute walk along a trail that begins at the northern end of the village.

The town's small Palaeontological Museum on the main street houses the fossilised bones of mastodons (midget elephants) dating back to 7,000 BC. The bones were found in the Harkadhio Cave in the centre of the island in 1971. A ruined fortress marks the location of the cave which is not open to visitors due to ongoing excavations. The museum is also home to a golden treasure trove found in a Hellenistic tomb on the island.

At Agios Antonios beach, to the west of Megalo Chorio, you can see the petrified remains of skeletons thought to belong to sailors caught in the volcanic eruption of nearby Nisyros in 600 BC. You can visit the still active volcano on Nisyros which is a 35 minute catamaran trip from Livadia. The crater floor is hot enough to melt rubber soled shoes and gas vents let off steam at 98 degrees centigrade.

One of the island's top attractions is the 15th century Monastery of Agiou Pandelimona, perched 200 metres up on a cliff top on the west coast. The fortified monastery has a beautiful mosaic courtyard, some fine 18th century frescoes, circular chapels and the cells where the monks once lived. The monastery hosts a three day festival from July 25th 28th.