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To get the most out of your visit to Tinos you really need your own wheels. Buses run frequently from Tinos Town to the popular beach resorts of Porto and Kionia as well as to Panormos at the north west end of the island. But with a rental car or moped you'll be free to explore the island's many lovely, unspoilt villages, enjoy its beautiful mountainous scenery and discover secluded beaches untouched by tourism.

There are several car hire and moped rental firms along the waterfront in Tinos Town. Most provide free maps of the island and advice about the best places to visit.

The drive to Panormos takes you through some beautiful scenery passing through the village of Kardiani which enjoys one of the most stunning settings of all the island's villages. There are a couple of excellent tavernas here so you might want to make this a lunch stop.

Even if your ultimate destination is the pretty little harbour of Panormos Bay, take the time to visit Pirgos (2 kilometres inland from Panormos) which is famed for its marble sculpting. The town's marble sculpting school brings students from all over the world and the main square is fashioned from the green veined marble quarried nearby. You can buy beautifully crafted marble gifts from the local workshops (or commission a piece of work) and see the masterpieces of one of the island's most famous sculptors, Iannoulis Chalepas at the Kardamites Museum.

When you tour the island's villages you'll see intricately carved marble adorning the houses wherever you go. And look out for the elaborately decorated dovecotes which pepper the island, amid the vineyards and fig trees. There are more than 1,300 of them in total and together they are one of the most island's most distinctive features, dating back to the Venetian occupation when doves were an important food source.

You'll see some of the most distinctive dovecotes if you take the road north of the capital to Monastiri where you can visit the Convent of Kechrovouni. Here you'll be able to see the cell where Sister Pelagia had her vision of the Virgin Mary guiding her to the spot where the island's miraculous holy icon was discovered. You can also see the wooden chest which contains the nun's embalmed head!

Make your way to the remote village of Volox, located on a spectacular plain in the middle of the island. It's a traditional village, largely unscathed by tourism but renowned throughout Greece for the skill of its basket weavers whose products can be bought direct from the local workshops. The village has a folklore museum and in August theatre groups from all over Greece perform here in the recently built stone amphitheatre.

If you head down the tracks which lead from the village of Steni to the east coast, you'll find some delightful secluded coves where tourists rarely tread.