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You don't come to Tinos for the liveliest party scene in the Greek Islands if you're a round the clock reveller you'll be happier in neighbouring Mykonos. But there are many excellent inexpensive tavernas to be found here, a few late night music bars and a handful of clubs which stay open until the small hours.

The biggest concentration of bars and restaurants is in Tinos Town (also known as Hora) but steer clear of the harbour front if you want decent food at a reasonable price. One of the best restaurants in town is Xynari in Evangelistria which is housed in a 19th century building and offers some innovative dishes (besides the usual stuffed vine leaves and souvlaki). Metaxi Mas in Kontogiorgi is another elegant restaurant where you get some unusual dishes and attentive service at standard taverna prices.

Café Italia, in the new port, is great for pasta dishes, cappuccino and cheeses and wine imported from Italy. For seafood, head for Lefteris on the harbourfront where you can enjoy fresh fish dishes, music and dancing.

Xebarco Café is a popular night haunt in the town centre, offering various snacks and light meals, pies and pasta dishes and the traditional aniseed flavoured raki drink. The café stays open until 2am.

After you've eaten, one of the liveliest places in town is Koursaros in Akti Ellis where rock, jazz and funk is played till dawn. Syvilla, behind the fish market, is a popular late night bar and nearby Pyros is a fairly lively club with a mixture of chart hits and Greek music. If you prefer just Greek music, try Papyros or La Casa.

Paradise, near Stavros Beach outside the town, is the place to go for dancing till dawn when most of the other music bars have closed.

Some of the island's hotels and apartment complexes organise evening entertainment. Tinos Beach Hotel, four kilometres west of the town at Kionia, has its own night club as does the Porto Raphael complex at Ai Iannis Porto in the south west corner of Tinos.

You'll find a couple of lively late night bars in the beachside village of Panormos in the north west of the island and in nearby Isternia.

In the village of Volax, in a remote valley in the centre of the island, theatrical productions are staged in a recently built stone amphitheatre. Ask one of the travel agents in Tinos Town for a schedule of events.

If you're feeling the need to really let your hair down, take a ferry over to Mykonos and party till 11am at the island's world famous Super Paradise club. The action doesn't get going here till about 3am so you won't have to worry about booking a bed for the night. You can sleep off the night's excesses at nearby Paradise Beach (as long as you don't place your towel too near the loudspeakers). Both places are among the hottest dance spots on manic Mykonos.