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Much of Kauai's accommodation is available through rental agents who rent out units on large resorts. Therefore the standards of accommodation and accompanying rates can vary greatly in the same area. Oceanfront accommodation (ocean views), tends to be more expensive. Often the term 'ocean view' is used euphemistically so you may end up paying out the nose for a partial or obscured view of the sea. Inland accommodation is available on farms or garden estates sited on beautiful tropical settings a short distance from the nearest beach.

Booking agents can help take the pain out of finding accommodation on Kauai for a fee.

There is a wide selection of places to stay on the island.

  • Condos which are apartments on purpose built tourist developments with shared amenities;
  • Cottages which are self contained apartments on private grounds;
  • Private Houses which are a great option for large groups on a budget;
  • Resorts provide a range of amenities for their guests such as a laundry service, activity desk, kids' program, swimming pools, tennis, golf, security and many more;
  • Bed and Breakfasts which provide a bedroom, shared bathroom facilities and breakfast; and
  • Hotels, which range from low budget guesthouses to top luxury palaces.

Finding accommodation on Kauai to suit your purse and your requirements shouldn't be hard. Condos are a good choice for families as they have access to shared facilities such as a swimming pool and include their own kitchen and bathroom. They are usually reasonably priced but prices vary according to location, number of rooms and resort amenities on offer. Condos on the beachfront are more expensive. Something to be aware of though is the lack of privacy as condos tend to be clustered together in complexes rental houses may be a better option. These are cheaper for large groups but don't have access to the facilities that the resorts have to offer. Kauai's cottages are great for honeymooners because they offer privacy and often have access to some shared amenities.

If this is your first visit to Kauai, then you need to establish whereabouts on the island you want to stay. Kauai is a small island and it doesn't take that long to get from one side to another but there may be an area that you prefer, depending on the type of vacation you want. The best way to get around Kauai is by car but there is no road from the west coast through to the north coast which means that staying on the southwest side of the island cuts you off slightly from the attractions in the north and vice versa.