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Lihue Airport, Kauai Kauai

Lihue Airport Kauai's Gate of Entry


Lihue Airport is the main airport on Kauai and is based on the south east coast. The airport is about one and a half miles out of Lihue to the east, making it ideal for those staying in the nearby Radisson and Marriott resorts.

The airport has facilities for air passengers and accommodates aircraft for commercial or private use. They provide services for air travel including a helipad, navigational aids, and a traffic control tower. The airport can be found on Ahukini Road and there are parking facilities available. Lihue airport has flights to and from the mainland, but travelers from outside the US wishing to fly to Kauai have to make the US their first port of call.

At present the following airlines are serving this airport: Aloha Airlines, American Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines. Please note that at the time of publishing this information a merger was expected between Aloha Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines.

Rental cars are available from just across the road from the main terminal but it is advisable to book them advance as during peak season the car companies can run out of cars. Having independent transport on Kauai is a really good idea as it gives you more freedom to explore the island. Rates for car rental increase in high season. Many of the resorts in the nearby area offer a free shuttle service to and from the Kauai airports so be sure to look into that when you are booking accommodation. Most of the helicopter tour operators have tours leaving from Lihue Airport. The helicopter tours over the island are well worth going on, but they are not cheap. Different tour operators offer different experiences so it is worth looking around before booking.

Port Allen Airport

The Port Allen airport is based at Hanapepe on the south coast. This airport started off by serving a military purpose with two runways and was used by small, commercial aircraft. Today it is hardly in use and holds no facilities for passengers. There are no longer aircraft based at Port Allen. There is car parking space there but as mentioned no other public facilities. Only one of the runways is still functional. This airport is used as one of the departure points for the helicopter tours over the island. There is a possibility that the airport may be developed for commercial use as the helicopter tour companies are not making full use the airport.

Princeville Airport

Princeville is a small airport on Kauai's wild north coast. This is used as a departure point for helicopter tours which are more conveniently accessed by those who staying on the north shore. The north coast is far less accessible than other parts of Kauai and it is quite a distance from the other two airports on the south coast.