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Bloom Room Kauai Kauai

The Blue Room Kauai

The Blue Room on Kauai is a cave which looks blue inside due to a trick the light plays on the eyes. What happens is that the sunlight, having passed through the clear freshwater, looks blue inside the small cave. The higher the water levels, the better the effect, but in recent years the water level seems to have dipped quite significantly. It is still an impressive sight though.

The Blue Room is found on the north shore near Kee Beach just before the end of Highway 560. Park next to the highway just before it ends at Kee Beach. There is trail running from the inland side of the road which goes up to the Wet Caves (Waikapala'e Cave). The slope down to the cave entrance is slippery so take care. Make your way through the upper cave to get to the Blue Room you are going to have to swim I am afraid.

A note of warning though there is a notice saying no swimming due to the possibility of exposure to leptospirosis bacteria, which is sometimes found in fresh water in Hawaii, so you may prefer to view Kauai's Blue Room from the cave entrance. You can still see the effect of the light from here and there are other, safer places to swim nearby. Wear shoes with a good grip to avoid slipping on the rocks on the way down there and in the cave itself if you are brave enough to venture that far.