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Cheap Vacations to Hawaii Hawaii

Cheap Vacations to Hawaii

Do such things as cheap vacations to Hawaii exist? You will be surprised that the answer is in fact yes. However, if you want to save those extra pennies be prepared to keep your nose to the ground and do a lot of research. A little hard work and you will be lying underneath that Hawaiian sun for a fraction of the normal price. Read on to find out more!

Airfare Deals

This is where it all begins, your ticket to paradise. Get a cheap air ticket and you are half way there. To begin with forget about flights that do not fall during the middle of the week. Weekends and the beginning and end of a week are classified as peak travel times this translates to more expensive tickets! Families who are traveling from the US should consider visiting the islands during autumn/winter as this is when the demand to visit Hawaii subsides (don't worry it may be winter but the temperature doesn't change that much!).

Are you aware that there is more than one route to your destination? Instead of a direct flight, have you considered a flight to one of the gateway cities on the West Coast and from there your family catches a shorter flight on Hawaiian Airlines? This maybe a slightly round about way with less frills, but it could save you money. Out last recommendation is to search for last minute flights. Airlines are looking to fill their planes even if this means reducing the price of a ticket!

Family Cruise Packages

When going on a cruise around the Pacific your travel agent of choice will usually present you with two options. The first type of cruise leaves from California and navigates through and around the Hawaiian Islands before returning back whence it came. The second is exactly the same except you depart from Honolulu, thus cutting all the extra sail time to the mainland. However, this comes at the cost of airfares to Honolulu. The peak time is throughout summer so bear this in mind when booking. As with all cruises, they fill up fast so we are quite serious when we say book at least 4 months in advance! Quite simply, to find that discounted vacation ticket you are going to have to do some searching that means going from travel agent to travel agent (online and off.)

Packges: Hotels and Rentals

Most people opt for a vacation package. Those that do not will need to sort out their own place or places to stay. If cheap is the criteria then we would definitely suggest giving the resorts a miss, and instead look at bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals, and beach cottages; or why not consider camping. A good place to search for BBs is www.bedandbreakfast.com.