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The Maui Embassy Suite


The Maui Embassy "Suite" is one of the island's luxurious resorts located on the northwest shores of Kaanapali Beach. With prime views of the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the West Maui Mountains the Maui Embassy "Suite" is one of the best choices for that romantic getaway, whether it be the " big day " itself or the honeymoon.

Rising to twelve stories, the pink Maui Embassy "Suite" is easily be spotted and is home to a number of affluent suites that come with a number of perks including deluxe fixtures, air conditioning, 35" inch colour televisions and entertainment centre, veranda and kitchenette.Of course guests are also exposed to all the island's most popular activities such as snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, and kayaking. The resort also has a few surprises of its own for its guests such as the daily cocktail party or the miniature golf course situated on the roof!

The actual resort landscapes are also a sight to behold, combining waterfalls, tropical vegetation, gazebos to produce the perfect relaxing setting for its guests and visitors alike. What people most comment on is the Maui Embassy's pool. This wondrous key feature is an acre in size, and comes complete with a water slide try tearing the kids away from that!

Some other facilities include:

  • Complimentary fitness centre
  • BBQ area
  • Two restaurants the "North Beach Grille" and the "Ohana Grill and Bar"
  • Alize Salon Spa and Jacuzzi
  • Video Game Room for the Kids
  • Concierge Service
  • Valet Parking

That surely has got to have you salivating at the mouth. If you would like to know more or perhaps make a booking then you can find the resorts contact details below:

104 Kaanapali Shores Place

Telephone: 808 661 2000