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Molokai Ferry to Maui

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Arriving by air is not the only option open to potential visitors. The Molokai ferry conveniently runs to and then back from Maui. The boat is operated by "Island Marine" and goes by the name of the "Molokai Princess."

Visit: www.mauiprincess.comwww.mauiprincess.com

This 100 foot yacht can safely carry up to 149 passengers and operates out of Lahaina Harbor in Maui, and Kaunakakai Wharf on Molokai. People with who are prone to sea sickness have no fear. This formidable yacht is fitted with state of the art gyroscopic stabilizers which reduce all that unsettling motion that many have come to associate with ocean journeys.

The total journey time is just and hour and half, which can be easily, spent admiring the spinner dolphins or catching a few rays on the upper deck, giving you a bit of a head start on your island tan. Your ticket entitles you to a continental breakfast which can be enjoyed in the main cabin or taken out onto the observation deck. Children go for half the price of an adult ticket, and check in is usually fifteen minutes before the scheduled departure time

The Molokai Ferry currently leaves Lahaina Harbor (Pier 3) at 06:30 and 17:15 every Monday to Saturday and only at 17:15 on a Sunday. The run to Maui departs Kaunakakai Wharf at 05:30 and 14:30 every Monday to Saturday and only at 15:00 on a Sunday.

Island Marine has a number of value packages on offer, which can incorporate round trips, a rental car, luxury van tour, hike tour of the leprosy settlement and more. Please be sure to enquire about what is on offer.

For further details, queries or booking please use the contact details provided below:

Telephone: 808 667 6165
Visit: www.mauiprincess.comwww.mauiprincess.com