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Fishing on Kauai Kauai

Fishing and Sports Fishing on Kauai

Kauai fishing trips can be arranged out on the ocean or some people may prefer to opt to fish the freshwater rivers, pools and lakes on the Island. There is a strong tradition of fishing in Kauai and boat trips can be arranged with experts who can advise on where to go and what methods to use. Seafood is very popular on the island and local fishers use the throw net method of fishing which was introduced by the Japanese.

Deep sea fishing

Kauai's seas are home to a variety of fish including tuna, marlin or wahoo (also known as ono or ocean barracuda). Organized fishing trips take you to the best spots for catching these fish. All the gear is provided all you need is yourself. Be warned though, the seas can get rough so take seasickness medication before getting on the boat if you know that you suffer from seasickness. Different companies have slightly different deals but generally speaking any fish caught belongs to the boat's captain. Anglers may be assigned a reel on the boat rather than choosing their own. Exclusive charters can often be arranged with most companies so that you and your friends can have the boat to yourself.

Charter and trips can be arranged through the following:

Sportfish Hawaii has a good reputation and organizes trips from different departure points. Book a guided fishing trip for one full day or half a day.(1 877 388 1376)

Anini Fishing Charters(north coast) Sited near Princeville (1 808 828 1285)

Kai Bear (east coast) The boats leave from Nawilili in Lihue(1 808 639 4556)

True Blue Charters and Ocean Sports (east coast) The boats also leave from Nawilili in Lihue(1 808 246 6333)

Sport Fishing Kauai (south coast) The boats leave from Port Allen in Hanapepe (1 808 742 7013)

Freshwater Fishing Options

Freshwater fishing has been well catered for with dozens of man made reservoirs full of large mouthed bass, small mouthed bass and peacock bass, also known as tucunare. This predatory fish is from South America and is a challenging opponent. Puu Lua Reservoir in Kokee State Park has rainbow trout provided by the State. The trout can not spawn in these waters as it is too warm and therefore the stocks have to be replenished every year. The Kauai fishing season for trout starts on the first Saturday of August and lasts for sixteen days, after which fishing is restricted to weekends and holidays until the end of September when the season finishes.

NB You need to have a fishing license. These can be obtained from the State Department of Land and Natural Resources in Lihue (1808 241 3400), or from sports fishing stores.