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Flights to Maui and Cheaper Deals

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Travelers will be pleased to hear that flights to Maui leave from both the Mainland (US) and from Honolulu, on the island of Oahu. The Island of Maui has become a popular vacation destination so visitors can expect all airlines to run regular services to and from the island. It has to be said that a large majority of flights to Maui go via Honolulu International Airport (HNL), some airlines to however run direct services to the Mainland. More details on this will be supplied further on. Honolulu International Airport (HNL) is Hawaii's main airport accepting flights from all over the US (Anchorage, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Washington) and indeed the world (London, Singapore, Sydney.)

If you are unfortunate enough not to get a direct flight to Maui, then there are inter island air services that run daily. All passengers arriving at HNL need to make their way to the "Inter island Terminal" or alternatively to the "Commuter Airline Terminal." For your convenience a bus has been put in place to ferry passengers between the two (Wiki Wiki shuttle). The inter island flight from Honolulu only takes 40 minutes.

Direct From the Mainland

The majority of air trips directly to Kahului take on average about five hours, that's if your plane leaves from the sunny West Coast. East Coast trips are nearly double the length, but then stopovers and changes still need to be factored in.

Below is a list of the main airlines:

American Airlines

Nonstop Flights:
Daily from Los Angeles (LAX)
On certain pre scheduled days there is an air service from San Jose (alternatively you can fly via LAX)
Non Direct Flights:
A daily service from Dallas (Fort Worth) and Chicago (O'Hare) Honolulu.
There are flights from San Francisco CA US, but this involves a stopover in LAX


Non stop Fights to Maui from Los Angeles (LAX) daily
Through Services :
These are available from Atlanta GA, Los Angeles (LAX) Salt Lake City
There are also flights to Seattle via LAX

United Airlines

Flies direct to Maui from LAX and San Francisco.

Hawaiian Airlines

Direct Flights: West Coast (Mainland)
Flights also run to Honolulu from most major cities, and then on to Maui. (www.hawaiianair.comwww.hawaiianair.com)

To save on flights to Maui there are a number of simple steps to follow. Firstly, if you fly early in the morning or catch one of the last flights of the day you will be traveling during non peak times, which means it should be possible to find a reduced ticket. Another way to save a few pennies is to book well in advance, alternatively last minute bookings can prove to be just as cheap since the airlines are desperate to fill all the seats. Above all we advise you to shop around, and check the listed airlines for any deals or extras. Aloha!