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The Garden of the Gods, Lanai

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The Hawaiian Garden of the Gods (Keahikawelo) is one of the Island's most fascinating natural wonders, and is a site that is enjoyed by visitors time and time again. These large scattered rock formations were formed over thousands and thousands of years by continuous erosion. This erosion produced a number of buttes and apexes of various shades of colour. The Garden of the Gods is not only enjoyed by geology buffs though. If you catch these formations at the right time i.e. in the early morning of late evening you will behold the most amazing spectacle. The sun's rays hit the minerals contained within the rocks to produce an array of colour changes. Full sea views of the Pacific Ocean and the islands of Molokai and Oahu just add to beauty of this phenomenal place.

How did it get its name then?

Well the name came from ancient island legends. One such island tale tells that the rocks themselves come from the god's gardens and were discarded while they were being tendered to. Another legend tells us that the rocks hold the spirits of ancient island warriors. A third legend goes onto state that the Garden of the Gods came about because the gods took solace in creating art and they commanded the very winds to create them, and this is the place were their most favoured pieces were placed


From Lanai City the Garden of the Gods is only 7 miles or so away. Unfortunately the only way to get there is via a dirt road that may require the presence of a four wheel drive; alternatively others may opt to mountain bike up to the site. Be sure to bring food and drink with you as there are no facilities that cater for such provisions.

Follow Highway 440 heading north away from Lanai City till you pass the Lodge at Koele. Just after passing the hotel you will see a sign indicating the direction of the garden turning left onto Polihua Road and continuing along it till you are confronted with an intersection. Turn right and head north west till you reach the your destination.