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Kauai's Helicopter Tours

Kauai's helicopter tours are a breathtaking, unbelievable experience that is a must for any visit to this stunning island. Development on the island has been monitored leaving the island relatively unspoilt and the best way to appreciate its beautiful terrain, impressive waterfalls and majestic cliffs is from the air. Buildings rise no higher than the neighbouring coconut trees, leaving Kauai's skyline pristine and uninterrupted by inappropriate structures. Much of the island is an impenetrable wilderness and flying over the island allows views of parts of the island that can not be accessed from the ground.

One of the key air attractions the island has to offer is the Waimea Canyon the Hawaiian version of the Grand Canyon. The canyon has red lava beds and is just as impressive as the Grand Canyon, only just a bit smaller. Another must see are the sheer cliffs of the spectacular Na Pali Coast where narrow mountains rise to pin points with ridiculously deep and narrow valleys in between. The Waialeale Crater is another jaw dropping visual experience, with its lush greenery and 3,000 foot high waterfalls. Make sure you take your camera. The awe inspiring Mount Waialeale is believed to be the wettest place on earth and has fairytale like growths and structures covering it. All of these sights and more when seen from the air are the catalysts for incredible memories which you can take home with you. The only downside is the adverse effect it has on the pocket helicopter tours are not cheap but the memories you take away are well worth it.

While the island stays the same (the only variable being the weather), the tour operators offer different types of experience so it worth shopping around to find a tour that will suit you. Inter Island (335 5009) will take you to a waterfall that can't be accessed from the ground and give you thirty minutes to have a swim and have lunch before leaving again. They leave from Port Allen airport in Hanapepe. Their helicopters have no doors for a very exciting ride with an uninterrupted view of the island. Accompaniments to the tour include information about places on the island and sometimes music. Tours are usually about sixty minutes long. Safari (246 0136) will video your flight which can make an interesting souvenir.

Points to consider when deciding on a Kauai helicopter tour are:

  • Do they have windows that will open? Photographs taken through glass won't come out as well;
  • Do they use headphones that cancel out external noise? Helicopters can be pretty noisy;
  • The best view to be had is from the front of the helicopter so try and sit near the front if possible;
  • If the tour offers two way communication with the pilot, you may be able to make requests.