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The Hawaiian Hula Ka Hula Piko Festival

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The famed Hawaiian hula was born out of this small Island of Molokai. The legend states that the god of dance (Laka) travelled between the islands imparting the "gift of hula" to all those willing to be her understudies.

The dance essentially embodies the culture, ways and story of the Hawaiian people. To honour this "gift" a festival is held on Molokai annually in May where dancers from all the islands congregate under one big festival called Ka Hula Piko, otherwise known as the "Centre of Dance."

This Hawaiian hula festival is held on the white sands of one of Hawaii's largest beaches, Papohaku Beach on the western most part Molokai. One major bonus about the Ka Hula Piko is that it is a celebration and not a commercialized event purely designed to be a money making machine in short.admission is free. In this respect this Hawaiian hula festival differs from the Big Island's Merrie Monarch Festival that is seen more as a competition than anything else.

Preparation for the day's event happens a week before, with a series of lectures, demos and some of the finest storytelling you will ever come across all designed to gear visitors and locals up for the festival itself. The festival begins just before dawn on the top of Kaana Mountain as this is believed to be where Laka passed on the gift of hula. The morning air is infused with the drone of the traditional island conch shell which signals those taking part that the meditation ceremony is about to commence. From here the dancers begin to gently sway and chant, gradually picking up the tempo and exuding more energy as the festival moves well into the day. The Hawaiian hula festival is complimented by other forms of musical entertainment, shows, local art promotions and a number of ceremonies. Food stores and other little market stalls can be found throughout the grounds of the festival.

The island literally becomes alive with colour, energy and above all dance. The festival of Ka Hula Piko will leave you spellbound and introduce you to a world of music and celebration which will leave your heart pounding.

ND Being a popular event and accommodation is often booked up to six months in advance, so plan your vacation in plenty of time so to make sure you don't miss out on a truly marvelous experience.