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Kaanapali, Maui's Beaches

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Welcome to Maui's Kaanapali a once bustling sugar plantation. For decades it was part of one Maui's greatest industries until, in the late 1950s, the sugar board decided to look at a different form of commercialization, namely tourism. It was from this decision Hawaii's first resort was born, and what better place to be born than on the golden sands of Kaanapali Beach. This move instituted a trend that caught on throughout the world. Today, Maui's Kaanapali is home to six affluently designed resorts and the number will possibly grow.The beach itself extends all the way from Kekaa all the way down to Hanakeoo, also known as Canoe Beach. A path winds its way all the way down from the Maui Sheraton to the luxurious Hyatt Regency. Many visitors to the island have commented that one of the best times to walk along this little path is at sunset when the sky becomes an autumn coloured wonder, illuminating the resorts in a mirage of colour. The setting sun sees Kaanapali taking on a whole new life. Dinner cruises line the waters, music and laughing from sea view restaurants fills the air, and there is a friendly relaxed atmosphere all around.

The water around this area of the island is particularly calm which makes snorkeling a real treat, especially around the north most part of Kaanapali near Black Rock. The central part of the beach has a softer sandier ocean floor making it quite popular with local body boarders. The surf can gradually pick up though and at times like this swimming is strongly discouraged.

When it comes to shopping, look no further than the " Whalers Village." This chic collection of boutiques and shops includes names such as Prada, Tiffany and Chanel! The village also has unique more tourist centred shops like "Martin MacArthur" who offer an array of Hawaaiian crafts and "Lahaina Printsellers" which have a collection of antique maps and prints dating all the way back to the 18th Century. Why not follow this up with a trip to the "Whaler Village Museum" with its jaw dropping 40 foot whale skeleton!

Maui's Kaanapali has something for everyone, so why not give it a visit and fall in love with just another piece of Hawaii.