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Kahului, Maui

Kanaha Beach Park Kahului Maui

Maui's Kahului can be found in the central region of the island and is a living Mecca for windsurfers worldwide. The geography of the region plays an important part in the area's characteristic windy conditions. Air currents are redirected by the mighty Haleakala, forcing them between the two mountains directly into the path of Kahului. This is all very well and good for the windsurfers among us, but what else does this island settlement have to offer?Kahului is home to a number of shops, fine dinning restaurants and cultural centres. Residents of the island see Kahului as the place where people come to take care of their business affairs in short it has a thriving urban culture. On entering this little community, you will quickly learn that every store, office and mall is relative to a single place, and that place is "Midas Mufflers" located on Wakea and Hukilike. Any local directions will call upon this as their starting point, so know it well!

Right, now that we have some bearings what can you expect to find in Kahului? One of this settlement's biggest pulls is the large Kaahumanu Center, a large shopping mall that is just off Highway 32. This mall has branches of the popular department stores Sears, Macy's as well as over a hundred other shops including among them national names such as Footlocker, Gap, Sharper Image and Kay Jewelers. Opening times are from 09:30 to 21:00 Mondays to Saturdays and from 10:00 till 17:00 on Sundays.

The Maui Mall is another Kahului shopping treat, which has the added bonus of housing the unique Paper Airplane Museum that has an impressive anthology of paper airplanes and volumes or aviation related history. All that browsing making you hungry? then why not walk down to the Kau Kau food court and peruse over a vast selection of taste bud tantalizers.

While you are visiting Kahului, you may as well walk along Dairy Road and pull into the Marketplace. Sport enthusiasts will be happy to know that this marketplace is has a massive sporting goods store called "Borders Books."