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Aloha! Generally speaking Kauai vacations are probably more suited to the keen outdoors man and the avid nature lover. The island is not nicknamed the "Garden Isle" for nothing; Kauai is filled with some of Hawaii's richest and most beautiful landscapes, and is laden with experiences that aim at celebrating this natural treasure. This is not to say that the island does not contain its fair share of luxury resorts, rentals and condos. But that's a another story.

Below we outline some of the more popular experiences and invite you to include them in your Kauai vacation itinerary.

Hotspots not to be Missed

Waimea Canyon The canyon covers a large proportion of the island (over half!) and measures a staggering 3000 feet from top to bottom in some places. Even though it is nowhere near the size of the infamous Grand Canyon, many visitors have given it the title of the " Grand Canyon of the Pacific." Like its mainland cousin, Waimea Canyon is a great place for hiking, taking in the local wildlife and even has a couple of well used mountain bike trails. The Kokee State Park Centre, home to the canyon, will be able to provide you with maps and any other helpful information you may require. In case you are a first time visitor, you can find the Kokee Park just off of Highway 550 (stems off of Highway 50) at Waimea.

Na Pali Coast is the gem on Kauai's proverbial crown. Changing with each passing hour, this chameleonic landscape with its mass of textures and colours will leave you spellbound. Unfortunately the north west coastal area is somewhat difficult to access, but when one door closes another opens. The Kalalau trail is the only way to reach the Na Pali Coast and is one of Hawaii's most popular hikes and is has featured in countless Kauai vacations. The 11 mile trek is characterized by a number of brooks, sheer cliffs, emerald green valleys and isolated white sand beaches. Some hikers may choose to camp overnight to do this you need to acquire a permit form the State Parks Division.

Helicopter Tours For the less energetic vacationer, there is an alternative to the hike. An air assault on the coast takes you right up to the face of the Waimea Canyon and Mt. Waialele, and even takes you to places that are completely inaccessible on foot! Guests to the island can choose from a whole host of companies. For more information, including contact details, please click here Kauai Helicopter Tours.

Wailua River Valley can be found on the east coast and is a popular kayaking channel. The Wailua River is just beautiful like many of the experiences that typify most Kauai vacations! Meandering through Kauai's many lush valleys; the river provides the perfect medium from which to see some of the Hawaii's best Historic Landmarks. Apart from the many heiau that are scattered throughout the area, vacationers can also have the opportunity to lay their eyes on the royal birth stones (near Holoholoku) or marvel over the ancient petroglyphs. Pick up your paddles and let's get exploring!