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Vacation Accommodation on Kauai Consumer Guide

The majority of the vacation accommodation on Kauai can be found online through a number of agents. With regards to price, it can vary greatly over an area, especially when it comes to vacation rentals that are often managed by different agents.

Another great price setting factor is the proximity to the ocean and the resultant ocean view with many hotels and resorts you are looking at paying significantly more for a suite with an ocean view compared to one that simply has a standard garden view. However, those looking for vacation accommodation on Kauai should be warned that a lot of places throughout Hawaii have started to use the phrase "ocean view" very liberally, with many views containing nothing more than faint blue haze or being partially obscured. The beach is never too far, so don't feel at a loss if you are forced to find a place to stay further inland.

Bed and Breakfasts are a popular form of accommodation. This is probably because many people prefer the more personal experience they provide.

Condos are very popular throughout the island and are often located in purpose built complexes, others can be found in some of the more popular resorts. The majority of condominiums are available for rent throughout the year; others operate on a timeshare scheme

Cottages are usually owned privately and are usually completely self contained with a characteristically more homely feel to them.

Hotels are difficult to define. These are pretty much very similar to resorts, the only difference often being only their size (hotels are often smaller), and the number of amenities they offer (resorts offer a lot more like golf courses and tennis courts).

Resorts are perfect if you are looking for that all inclusive vacation as they offer a whole range of services and facilities that are all easily accessible.

No matter what your requirements and your budget constraints are, there is guaranteed to be something that will meet both. Families are probably more suited to one of the many condos on the island, as they are fully self contained, more spacious than a hotel, have all the essential shared facilities and are often cheaper than a resort. The only downside to a condo is that the units are often built very close to each other this can infringe on your privacy. Funnily enough privacy is one of the major selling points of cottages and makes them a firm favourite amongst newly weds on their honeymoon.

Please remember to take into account peak seasons. Peak season sees a rise in prices and often there is a real shortage of places to stay if advanced bookings have not been made. Peak season runs from the middle of December till about Easter and then again during the summer holidays i.e. the middle of June till half way through August. Happy hunting!