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Vacation Packages to Kauai Consumer Guide

Vacation packages to Kauai are your ticket to a modern day garden of Eden. All of the islands that make up the state of Hawaii are beautiful, but Kauai is the one that shines slightly more brightly than the rest. River cut valleys, tropically scented trails, deep canyons, and the legendary Na Pali Coast these are all factors which drive holidaymakers throughout the US to island's shores.

Going down the "holiday package" route has become more appealing largely because of their convenience no shopping around, just one easy purchase. Another major selling point is the reduced cost of the overall vacation. Packages are without a doubt a lot less expensive than booking all aspects of your trip separately. Generally speaking, typical vacation packages to Kauai will include your return air ticket to the island (including any transfers), a couple of nights at one of the island's resorts and a car rental for your transportation needs. It is possible to pay an additional fee and get a few extras included, such as meals and activities.

The All Inclusive Holiday

This sounds like the ideal arrangement for many. People who like complete independence and flexibility would probably be better off, as altering a package can often end up being more expensive than simply making the arrangements as you go along. One factor which especially catches people out are the dates, partly because these are one of the fundamentals aspects that cannot be changed without incurring an often obscene extra charge.

Many of the major airlines that fly to Hawaii offer packages such as American Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines. The air fare is a substantial component of any of any package and because these companies are effectively the source of the tickets they can offer them at very competitive rates. Not only this, but often airline packages give holiday makers more flexibility because their packages are offered as components, so you can literally build your own. You would also probably find that if you were to purchase your vacation directly from the airline, as part of the package deal they would allow you to use or build "frequent flyer miles."