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You can bet that the Kauai's vacation resorts are going to be a lot pricier than the other forms of accommodation such as the many bed and breakfasts and beach cottages.

However, the resorts are perfect for people who are looking for that ultimate all inclusive vacation experiences. You can be guaranteed that swimming pools, activity desks, tennis courts and even golf courses (to name a just a few) are more a less right on your very own doorstep! Read to find details on some of the more well known vacation resorts in Hawaii's Kauai.

North Coast

The Princeville Hotel Complete with second to none sea views, this 24 hour room service hotel falls in the high end of the price bracket. This is immediately evident as soon as you walk into the lavished marble lobby. These magnificent furnishings extend throughout the rest of the hotel, even into the individual rooms. If it's a luxury vacation you are after then you have found it! 5520 Kahaku Road, Princeville or call 808 826 9644.


Hanalei Bay Resort A close neighbour to the Princeville, this resort shares the same spectacular bay views but at a considerably reduced (and more affordable) rate. Following an old style design, guests have a choice of the standard room, a studio or a suite. Rates are determined by the room type and its view i.e. guests can look out onto the mountains, the Pacific or the tendered grounds. This vacation resort on Kauai is also home to the lively "Happy Talk Lounge" a favoured gathering place were friends meet to watch the setting sun and chat over a cocktail. 5380 Honoiki Street, Princeville, or call 808 826 6522.


East Coast

The majority of resorts in this area are based around Lihue. First up is the Kauai Marriott Resort Beach Club which is noted as having the largest swimming pool on the island. It also, unfortunately it also hands out the island's largest accommodation bills staying here will definitely cost you a fair amount. That said, after seeing the beauty of the interior and experiencing all the little extras, you soon realize why it is more expensive than other resorts. The Marriott also is sited on a prime beach property, complete with lagoons and sandbars. Kalapaki Beach, Lihue or call 808 245 5050 for further information


The second resort is the Radisson Kauai Beach Resort, which was once upon a time a Hilton. Today it offers guests use of features such as a fitness centre, spa and 4 swimming pools. Why four pools you might ask? Although this is a lovely designed resort, it is unfortunately sited on one of the Kauai's worst swimming beaches. 4331 Kauai Beach Drive, Lihue or why not call 808 245 1955.

Coconut Coast

The " Kauai Beach Villas" is a resort that is made up of a number of condominiums that have use of the Radisson's facilities. Because each condo is often owned by somebody different, prices tend to vary as do the contents of each unit. It is advised you do some research before settling on a unit. Experience has shown that the units labeled G to H are the most popular and worth the set asking price. Please call 808 245 8841 for more information.


The Hyatt Regency is probably the most well known of Kauai's resorts and is guaranteed to offer you a truly pleasant holiday experience. The Hyatt has particularly become popular amongst those looking to go on family vacation, and this is largely due to its legendary kid's program " Camp Hyatt." The kids (and adults for that matter) will be blown away by the intricate pool design, which apart from looking spectacular, also incorporates fun features such as water slides. The rooms are more than comfortable and as far as activities go we challenge you too be bored! 1571 Poipu Road, Koloa, call 808 742 1234.


The last resort to be mentioned is the Sheraton Kauai which is one of the newest additions to the island's list of resorts, and is made up of three magnificent wings. The Sheraton also has been noted for its culinary excellence, with guest having the choice between three restaurants: Shells, Naniwa and Amoré. The resort's prime setting makes its Point Lounge a favourite place for those late afternoon mai tais. 2440 Hoonani Road, Koloa, or otherwise telephone 808 742 1661.