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Kaumalapau Harbor, Lanai

Kaumalapau Harbor Lanai Hawaii

Kaumalapau Harbor can be found on the west coast of the Hawaiian Island of Lanai and has earned the reputation as being the island's main harbour. The scenic harbour, surrounded by wide bluffs and jagged cliffs, is the point form which the majority of ships and fishing vessels leave. The establishment of this harbour came about during the time when the pineapple industry was still the island's main trade and fruit was being exported. Today this place is relatively quiet and has a very relaxed atmosphere with only the odd fisherman every now and again walking along the harbour wharf.

Lanai's Kaumalapau Harbor is however an excellent fishing spot, whether it be sitting on the dock or casting off from one of the many harbour walls. Unfortunately fisherman and visitors alike need to be aware that there are no restroom facilities in the immediate area. Kaumalapau has been included by some as one of Lanai's beaches which is a bit misleading because it is in commercial shipping waters meaning that most water activities are not allowed primarily for safety reasons.

Another major attraction are the tide pools which are located on the one side of the harbour. These little pools are mini habitats that are home to a number of marine species that are fascinating to observe. As previously stated this Lanai coastal area is protected by surrounding sea cliffs which also have the added effect of shielding the tide pools. Here are some tidepool tips:

  • Visitors are advised to be cautious when setting foot into the tide pools as the ocean can turn in an instant.
  • The lava outcrops are rough and slippery when wet so explorers are advised to invest in a pair of reef shoes.
  • Chemicals and ingredients found in most sun blocks and sunscreens can damage the delicate ecosystems that exist within the pools.