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Kayaking on Maui

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Kayaking Maui is one of the best, and unmistakably one of the most fun ways to see the island's tropical coastline. On Maui, kayaking has become more a more popular and there are several routes that have become favoured by locals and visitors alike.These are outlined below:

  • On the western shore of Maui, kayakers start from Papalaua Wayside Park, near the 11 mile marker, and paddle southeast. This course runs directly parallel to the highway and the attractive shoreline. Many pull in at the 14 mile marker. It is advised that novices try keep as close to land as possible because the wind factor is lessened, thus making paddling a lot easier.
  • For a more interesting experience continue further down and pull in at Kihei. If you arrive in the afternoons you will find that the winds will guide you down the coast and bring you out at Makena Landing.
  • Another well travelled route is the area south of Big Beach. This stretch brings you around Cape Kinau, past the Fishbowl / Aquarium (a cove located offshore) and then finally on into La Perouse Bay. Kayakers should be warned that in the afternoons the winds have been known to pick up.

Is it your first time? Then it is recommended you choose a kayak fitted with a rudder as this helps prevent the kayak turning into the wind, making the craft easier to control. The sea can be a dangerous place with winds changing nearly instantly. Maui kayakers need to stay alert and beginners should be under professional supervision.

The majority of the island's resorts rent kayaks out by the hour, but there are a number of independent companies that also provide this service for a far less extravagant price. These independent companies also offer guided tours for beginners and professionals alike. Please see below for a list of company names and contact details:

Hana Maui Seaports (808 264 9566)
Maui Eco Tours (808 891 2223)
Tradewind Kayaks (808 879 2247)
South Pacific Kayaks (808 875 4848)

Renting prices typically are gauged on whether you are looking for a vessel that holds one or two people.