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Koloa Kauai

Koloa is an interesting old town a few miles inland from Poipu, on the south coast of Kauai. Koloa was the first of the sugar plantation towns in Hawaii to be established when the land was leased out in 1835. The ruins of an old sugar mill can still be seen to the east of the Koloa Poipu Bypass. Here you will find a brief history of the sugar industry.

Sugar plantations were the main source of income on Hawaii for almost a century until cheap labour in developing countries made it too hard for sugarcane planters to compete. The sugar plantations dominated the islander's lives. The plantation workers and their families would live on the plantations; their non work life as well as their work life happened on the plantation. Dances and other social events would be organized through these communities. Sugar plantation tours are run for those interested in learning more about how the islanders lived during the height of the sugar industry on Hawaii. The brightly coloured sugar shanties, ancient Texaco garage and old general store can still be seen in Koloa for a taste of life in the plantation days.

There are some restaurants and places to eat in Koloa. Try the Dali Deli and Café (742 8824) for decent sandwiches at realistic prices. Tomkats Grille (742 8887) serves burgers and salads, and has a kids' menu. To experience local cuisine, visit the Koloa Fish Market for reasonably priced Hawaiian dishes. If your taste buds cannot be satisfied by what this little town has to offer, then pop over to Poipu only a short drive away which has plenty of restaurants to choose from.

The south shore of Kauai is known for its beaches and sunny weather. Many people decide to stay in the Poipu area which has been developed for tourists and has a variety of places to stay and activities catered for. There is a championship golf course and there are resorts which have their own tennis courts and swimming pools. Poipu is a short distance from Koloa and would be a good place to base yourself if you intend on exploring the south coast. Equipment for various water sports and other activities can be hired locally for those wanting to make the most of the ocean and local area. Exploring this region wouldn't take more than an afternoon, leaving you free to take in some of the south coast's other attractions such as the Spouting Horn which is a funnel in the lava rock in the ocean where water is pushed up through the opening in a big spurt.