Hawaii Guide


Lahaina, Maui's main City


Maui's Lahaina got it name from an ancient Hawaiian legend that dictates that there was once a chief who due to a disagreement ordered all the priests to be killed. As a punishment for his actions the land was subjected to a serious drought the people called it the land of the cruel sun, or "Lahaina." True to this, the sun still shines strongly here but this is what attracts, and indeed pulls in the visitors.The beaches and natural settings around this old whaling town are not as magnificent as those found in West Maui. But Lahaina makes up for this in its character and charm. The bulk of this charm is found in the downtown area. The main street that runs through the area is the famous Front Street, and it hosts some of the town's and indeed the island's best night spots. Just walking down the street you can feel the energy that charges through the tropical night. If you want "happening" then look no further! Be sure to look out for the popular "Moose McGillycuddy's" and then you will find that the crowd steadily trickles down to the reggae playing "Maui Brews." Mainland die hards will also be happy to know that there is a branch of the infamous " Hard Rock Café" in Lahaina. When you are in Front street try and also catch one of the crowd drawing shows at "Warren and Annabelle's" you will not regret it!

There are a number of other attractions in this little town. The best historic site to visit first is the "old courthouse", from here you can grab a copy of brochure to direct you to all the other sites. Be sure to stop past the perplexing 50 foot tall "Banyan Tree" that covers 2/3 of an acre in Courthouse Square. Then it's off to see the "Baldwin House" which is officially the oldest reaming house on the island, and dates back to 1834, the time when the first missionaries settled on the island. And a trip to this old whaling town would not be complete without a trip to the fully restored Carthaginian. The Carthaginian sailed these waters back on the 19th Century and visiting this piece of history does open one's eyes I mean how small are the living quarters? And how long were the trips? Talk about living on top of each other! Lastly we recommend taking a trip up to the "old prison" or "Hale Paahao" as it is locally called. Interestingly enough, the walls of the prison were made of coral.