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Lanai Hawaii The Most Secluded Isle

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Hawaii's Lanai (lah nigh ee) Island, which was once the mere capital of pineapple production, is now becoming an international tropical holiday destination. Lanai's biggest selling point is that it is the perfect "getaway" location! On this little island you will find little hustle and bustle, friendly and inviting dining and accommodation options and a relaxed nightlife. The island has remained an unspoiled oasis that has a characteristic small town feel the only exceptions to this are the two luxury resorts that were recently developed. The Lodge at Koele and The Manele Bay Hotel are examples of two such resorts. . To read the history behind Lanai click here.

Lanai Hawaii is accessible by air or ferry. Both Hawaiian Airlines and Island Air provide daily services between the little island and the gateway cities of the Western USA, with a complete cargo service. Alternatively a ferry runs between the island and Maui at least five times a day. For information on these services please follow the relevant links.

It is the ideal place to relax and to come and refresh the spirit. The beautiful isle Of Lanai, from the moment you set foot on her soil, envelops you in a warm welcome. It is a place of solitude and a place where people can get a chance to experience nature, the breathtaking views, the romantic sunsets and finally the mesmerizing star configurations that fill the tropical nights. Residents are friendly, enjoying a social outdoor lifestyle that cannot be matched and this is magically framed by the beauty of the golden beaches and vibrant vegetation. Even celebrities have succumbed to its rustic charm and brilliance this is where billionaire Bill Gates had his wedding.

Some Fast Facts about "The Most Secluded Island "

It can be found in the centre of the Pacific Ocean just below the Tropic of Cancer and is the only Hawaiian Island from which five others can be viewed.

The island came into being when the volcano Palawai erupted 1½ million years ago the Isle is therefore covered in spectacular red lava cliffs, sharp gorges, shady Cook pines and white beaches.

The Island is only about 140 square miles, 13 miles wide and 18 miles long, with a coastline that extends for 47 miles. With regard to road networks it is not expected that there is much more than 30 miles of road.

The main city is "Lanai City" and is located in the middle, just north of the Lanai Airport, off Highway 440

Lanai supports a population of only about 2900 people

Orange as its national colour and the island flower is the Kauna'oa.