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Lanai Hawaii

Below is a detailed map of Lanai, part of the Hawaiian Islands, showing some of the major places of interest. Information on these places can be accessed directly by simply clicking on the destinations.

The "pineapple island," as it is sometimes known extends over a total area of 140 square miles, a breath taking forty seven miles of coastline. Wherever you go it always a good idea to invest in a map of the area and this goes for small Hawaiian Islands to. Although there are a few motor ways on the island it would still be a good idea to pick a road map of Lanai. Four wheel drive adventures up the Munro Trail may particularly require the use of a road atlas. Luckily a large proportion of the population do speak English, and considering the size of the island it would be easy to ask one of the local people for directions in the event you are unable to attain a detailed map of this Hawaiian Island. If you do however look into purchasing a map of Lanai make sure that it is a recent publishing and flip through checking that all names are easily readable.

Here are a few drive times to help you become better acquainted with the island. All times are taken from Lanai airport.

Lanai City : 5 Minutes Away
Shipwreck Beach : 35 Minutes
Munro Trail: 15 Minutes
Garden of the Gods : 45 minutes
Manele Bay : 30 Minutes


Many visitors to the island also are not aware of the lack a specialist shops on the island. For this reason, and because of the probable chance of some stores having only limited stock it is recommended you buy a map of Lanai before landing on the island. The majority of Hawaii guidebooks will have the relevant maps printed in them. Visitors that have any doubt should always check with hotel staff who are more than happy to be of assistance and who carry detailed knowledge of this Island and all its wonders.including the directions to them!