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Snorkeling Lanai Hawaii

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Snorkeling Lanai is an adventure and an experience that few seldom forget, and this is partly due to the fact that the island is privately owned therefore the beaches, bays and harbours are in pristine condition. Snorkeling Lanai from the shore, or off shore are both viable as there are numerous places on the island where charter and tour vessels can dock.

Probably the most rated palace for diving in Hawaii is the magnificent Manele Bay, which borders onto Hulopoe Beach. Both are wonderfully clean, with unmatchable views below (up to a 100ft.) and above the crystal blue sea. Part of this area has also been designated a Marine Life Conservation District, meaning it a treasure trove of Hawaiian tropical marine life, which add to make an unforgettable snorkeling experience. Bottlenose and spinner dolphins frequent these reefs and often start cruising along and interacting with divers.

A few miles off shore of Manele Bay is another amazing Lanai snorkeling/diving spot that has been affectionately named Lover's Rock or Sweetheart Rock . Moving east a little bit more fanatics will discover a slightly less obvious rock formation known as "Wash Rock." Between these to points is an awe striking underwater lava dame called First Cathedrals. Light streams through these caverns from the numerous openings casting a heavenly glow through this marine paradise.

Another site that is raved about is Shark Fin, which is on the rear side of the Hawaiian island and named so because of the outcrop that sticks up out the water like a dorsal fin. If you are looking at experiencing the marine life rather than the underwater formations then Sergeant Major comes highly recommended.

It would be accurate to say that the majority of the best Lanai snorkeling is done off shore. Check with your chosen charter company for a choice of dives. The Expedition ferry provides regular transportation to the island from Maui. More on the ferry including times.

Below are some charter companies that should get probably one of the best Hawaiian snorkeling voyages underway:

Trilogy Excursions The first sailing company established on Maui they have definitely been providing visitors with unforgettable experiences in their high tech ocean sailing catamarans. Call 1 808 661 4743 or fax 1 808 667 7766 for more information. ASK ABOUT: "In the Footsteps of Royalty" dive adventure available.

Hawaii Ocean Rafting Personalized, un crowded and professional half and full day snorkeling trips to Lanai. Call 808 661 7238 or fax 808 878 3574 for more information.

Ocean Riders Enthusiasts are taken on zodiac completely round the island viewing shipwrecks, exploring beaches and going to spots most snorkeling boats have never touched. Call 1 877 321 4429 for more information.

Adventure Lanai Ecocentre Offers a four hour snorkeling tour, complete with instructor. There is also diving gear available for rental at their office store 338 Eight Street, Lanai City.