Hawaii Guide


Travel Lanai Tourist Sights and Destinations

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Travel Lanai and you will be embarking on an experience that will quite literally take your breath away and leave you panting for more. What " Hawaii's most secluded island" comes short in nightlife it more than makes up with pure adventure!

Traveling Lanai's coast usually requires a comfortable pair of hiking shoes and in some instances may require a 4x4 vehicle. Starting in the south the first national landmark that tourists will come across is the Kaunolu Village which holds some of the best kept ruins and petroglyph engravings. More petroglyphs can be seen at Luahiwa. Traveling eastwards round Lanai you will encounter the old fishing villages of the past such as Naha, Lopa and Keomuku the last one mentioned is believed to be watched over by the spirits of the past islanders.

You will eventually find you standing on the shores of Shipwreck Beach which is located on the northeast coastline of the island. Many a ship has been lost here and visitors can still see the remains of a World War II ship rusting away on the shores along with bits of wood and Nautilus shells scattered over the eight mile expanse. Traveling to the other side of the Lanai we find a place that is in complete contrast to Shipwreck Beach...Hulopoe Beach. Characterized by clear blue waters and white beaches this marine sanctuary is home to many beautiful animals such as dolphins and Humpback whales making it a snorkeling paradise. Close to this beach travelers to Lanai will find the luxury five star resorts the Manele Bay Hotel and The Lodge at Koele. Other sanctuary on the island include the Kanepuu Preserve which is a dryland forest that houses some of the islands most phenomenal and rare flora.

The Garden of the Gods Hawaii is another favourite site to be seen by tourists that travel to Lanai and is home to very unique and interesting topography. Running through the centre of the island, close to Lanai City, visitors will find and get to experience the Munro Trail Hawaii. This adventure hike extends from the city through the multitudes of Cook pines up to Lana'ihale, which is the highest point on the island at 3370feet. Form here a person can see five of the other islands.

This island is honestly not short of things to do. Once you have experienced the sites why not do some deep sea fishing, some horseback riding, whale watching, play a couple rounds of golf on two professionally designed golf courses, or simply do nothing but put your feet up. Visitors who travel to Lanai in August have the added spectacle of watching the World Cliff Diving Championships which are sponsored by Red Bull.

Those who travel to Lanai for a more cultural take on the island will not be disappointed either. The main city has been tenderly restored as has its landmarks such as the inviting Lanai Playhouse and Theatre. Others may be more interested in the "visiting artists" program which is held at The Lodge at Koele continuously through the year and is composed of lectures and shows by top artists, chefs, musicians and show acts.