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Have your wedding on Lanai

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Lanai weddings are definitely something you will never forget. The bride and groom will be delved into a place of unrivalled Hawaiian settings and unmatched luxuries that serve only to make your wedding day only second best to heaven. Whether you choose a lush formal tropical garden, to be atop a cliff with the ocean crashing below or to be standing on the white sandy beaches silhouetted by a fiery sunset Lanai can provide the perfect wedding setting. A wedding is bound to be an unforgettable experience, and with the island having its own experienced wedding planners as well as having reliable weather you can both relax knowing you are in safe hands.

Planning your wedding is important. Here are a few points that tend to often get the better of most couples.

Refer to Hawaii's marriage requirements and familiarize yourself with what paperwork needs to be in order before you can attain a legal marriage license from the State of Hawaii.

Most of Lanai's wedding are outdoors so consider the weather. Average temperatures for the island sit at 78ºF and what little rain that does fall is light and inevitably disperses quickly. The only exception is between December and February where there is a chance that downpours may occur. Either way it is a good idea if you are having your wedding in Hawaii that you make a "plan B" in the event the weather shifts.

Continuing with the weather; there are strong north winds (Tradewinds) that blow across the islands that particularly affects the shorelines. So you want to make sure you batten down the hatches on the veil, dress and hair.

There are no private beaches for hire all beaches are public. This is great for your wallet as this means your setting is free; however just do not expect to be the only ones around. This applies to parks as well.

A Lanai wedding does not require there to be a witness present to make the union legal. But in any event, local coordinates will be able to make one available for a small price.

When planning your wedding try and make sure you get three days on the island before the event this will give you time to wind down, lose any jetlag, find your bearings and acclimatize to a new environment.

Two of the most popular venues for weddings on lanai are the Lodge at Koele or the Manele Bay Hotel. Both contain experienced staff and professional planners that guarantee a perfect ceremony and luxurious reception. A number of wedding services including flowers, photography, cakes, entertainment, transport to name a few are provided by these resorts. The photography division is particularly good with the latest technology operated by only the best even celebrities have made use of this service. A number of packages are also offered.