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Manele Bay Lanai

Manele Bay is located in the southern most part of the Hawaiian Island of Lanai, and is no doubt the most sheltered of the island harbours. For this very reason this harbour is frequented by a lot of recreational and chartered ships as well as yachts, tour vessels and the friendly Expedition ferries that run people between Lanai and Maui. The winter months however do see a slight increase in the amount of traffic in and out of the bay.

Manele Bay, according to the local islanders, is composed of two separate areas White Manele and Black Manele. The "white" part of encompasses the magnificent and sun drenched Hulopoe Beach that boarders on the steps of the luxurious Manele Bay Hotel. Full of reefs and underwater caverns this is a haven for a wide number of tropical fish species and because of this, the one side of this part of the harbour was declared a Marine Life Conservation District. Visiting and snorkeling are encouraged but all the while respecting these precious natural habitats. The naturally protected part of the harbour also provided sunbathers the perfect beachside setting for a relaxing wallow.

The black part of the Manele Bay houses the small boat harbour which is surrounded by Pali Lei no Hauni sea cliffs which provide added protection from vicious storms and powerful currents. These cliffs as well as providing a natural shield also give visitors some of the best views one of the best places to see the Pali Lei no Hauni sea cliffs is from New Manele Road which runs down by The Challenge Golf Course where a small trail takes you down to an amazing vantage point. The harbour also has a number of facilities including barbeque and picnic areas with a priceless sea views.

Facilities that are Worth Knowing About:

There are shuttles that are available to carry people from the harbour to either of the luxury hotels or to Lanai City.

This is where visitors who are interested in sailing, fishing, marine tours and snorkeling will be able to charter a vessel.

Kaumalapau Harbor is more barge and transport vessel friendly as it is not as sheltered. Note there are no harbours on the North side of Lanai.

It is relatively easy to obtain temporary mooring for a vessel. The only time it might be difficult to get a spot would be in the last weekend of August as this is when the Maui Boat Club holds a tournament. There is a small fee for docking which should be paid to the harbourmaster.